Habits You Should Get Rid Of In 2018- TANG Diaries

Habits You Should Get Rid Of In 2018- TANG Diaries

Habits die hard. Isn’t that what they say? But look on the bright side, you’ve got at least 13 days to start making a headway. 

It won’t happen overnight or in 13 days either. Deep down in your heart, you know those things you do that shouldn’t be. Might be how you act to your friends, your family, loved ones or even when you think no one is watching (God is watching though). 

You need to do the cliche total cleansing before the new year. Let’s be realistic, that isn’t even possible but what is possible though, is to get started with the process. Take a deep breath, bring out a notepad & a pen, start to list those die hard habits you have along with me. Let’s have this as the December diary post, I know I’ve been missing that too. These are (some of) the habits I’m getting rid of next year.


I started this post this morning immediately I thought about it. I was about to push it till later in the day but isn’t that the essence of the post? Procrastination is the reason my weekly posts have not been dropping as they should and I keep making excuses for it. This post helped me get my ass up so here I am, taking a step and kicking procrastination in it’s balls. That’s how I’m going to be doing throughout next year. Can I get an Amen?!


The main reason for my inconsistency on the blog and with every other thing in my life right now. And it took me a whole day to get back here and continue this post. Sigh. Thank God for the people I have around me who constantly push and motivate me to get stuff done because with everything I’m planning ext year, laziness has o place in my life. #SayNoToLaziness2018


Personally, I feel it’s a bad habit that I expect too much from people. It’s not fair on them because I forget they’re human and are not infallible. When they do not meet those expectations, I start holding grudges and forgetting to actually forgive. I’m usually not the type to hold grudges because I’d rather hash it out then and there but this year had me rethinking my approach to a lot of situations. I began to keep my feelings in and I ended up lashing out at the wrong people & even in the wrong places. The way to avoid all these would be just to not expect too much so disappointment doesn’t set in. 


There’s a case for being selfish. There’s the good and the bad in putting yourself first in everything. I got this mindset in my last relationship just as it was nearing it’s end. I felt I had given so much and gotten shit in return so I decided to be selfish. Very selfish. I put myself first so much that I forgot what it was like to truly give love in relationships. I could give a lot of gifts but no compromise with what’s in my heart. Thank God, I’m gradually learning and getting better with the help of an amazing man. 2018 is the year to let God be first in everything.


Settling for things lower than your worth. Be it in your career, relationship, friendship or life generally. Settling means you’ve given up and you don’t think you can do better. You can always do better. I usually call myself Jane of All Trades but as cliche as it may sound, I realized that I’m a master of any. At a point this year, I was willing to let everything remain the way they were. I didn’t have a functional laptop (you can bless me with one this season ooo), no camera, managing a phone (again, bless me) and I was generally tired of having to work & push harder with no motivation.

The constant messages from random people saying they loved what I was doing, my friends saying they’re proud of me, my parents supporting me however they can, my man being my biggest fan, I just cannot settle. Then I got one super motivation too so thank God!

So here’s to a year of getting rid of bad habits, of taking over, of beating down past demons, of taking control, of success, of making boss moves, of glowing, of being an all-round fulfilled child of the Most High God! If you’re with me say Ayee!

“For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope”- Jeremiah 29vs11

Have a wonderful week ahead. 

LoveandKisses from TANG

8 thoughts on “Habits You Should Get Rid Of In 2018- TANG Diaries

  1. My 2nd favourite post from you. The first being about God’s Grace.
    Keep it up dear
    Femi-Your Number 1 Average Nigerian Fan(Not the other Femi *Sticking tongue out*
    Godspeed dear

    1. LOL Femi! We both know the “other” Femi is the number 1 fan but you’re good too so yeah. Thank you for stopping by.

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