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Nigerian Natural Hair & Beauty Show- Recap


Last week was pretty normal and chilled until The Blogger Point offered me a free pass to the Nigerian Natural Hair Wigs & Beauty Show. I was a bit skeptical at first because even though I’m on natural hair, I really don’t do much about it but then I realized I haven’t been attending events so I decided to go.

I was glad I did too although I got there by 11am (the official time) they did not start till about 2 hours later. I’m going to give a quick rundown of the workshops I attended, sadly  I missed Kiitan’s Crotchet installation and I really wanted to see that but Island-Mainland waka no be beans so I had to leave around 5pm. There was an exhibition of Natural Hair products and very cool wears too.




Felicia Leatherwood- Celebrity Stylist and Founder of Loving Your Hair.


Her workshop was a really interesting one as she gave super tips on Natural hair care. She also did a practical up-do style. Here are some of the tips I found really helpful.

Trim your hair every 3-4 months. Just a bit at the tips and don’t trim when it is wet.

Don’t keep products for more than a year. You can do product swap with your friends.

If you take tutorials online, ensure the person has the same texture with your hair.

Find your regimen and stick to it. You only start to see results from about 4-6 months of use so don’t always expect instant results.

If you have dandruff and other stuff, it is better to shampoo your hair dry before putting water.

Yagazie Emezi- Multi-disciplinary Artist & Documentary Photographer

She basically talked about her project “Reclamation of Scars” and I loved it. Sharing how she learned to embrace her scars and showing pictures of other women with their own various scars, I was really inspired. I love how her pictures show so much emotions. One thing I picked up was “Find and identify people who will support and pull you up”, we all need this no matter how strong we are.

Ijeomah Eboh- Founder Klassy Kinks


I was particularly interested in her topic about Coloring Your Hair. I use spray dye because I don’t want to ruin my hair (I guess I care about the hair after all) so her tips were quite helpful.

Find Inspiration & Research Colorists. Basically search, search and read.

Start Small. Don’t go full blond or red if you are not sure of the outcome.

Ensure your hair is healthy before coloring.

Avoid heat styling.

Deep condition. This is one routine I have not tried, I’m so impatient.

Trim every 8 weeks (2 months) if you color your hair.

Gaelle Prudencio- Advocate for the Body Positive Movement

Body positive movement encourages people to adopt more forgiving and affirming attitudes towards their bodies, with the goal of improving overall health and well-being. Gaelle shared her story on how she was able to overcome challenges as a plus sized woman and encouraged the process of self love.

Efik Zara- Natural Hair Vlogger

At this point I was really hungry and kept walking about but from the little I heard, she talked about building your brand and staying true to yourself which is highly important. She also encouraged everyone to stop worrying about things not going right at first but stick to being real and staying consistent.

I got to catch up with other blogger babes and it was fun.

Photos- Grace of

P.S Last Week’s Church Style

Enjoy the rest of your week!

LoveandKisses from TANG

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