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New Year- 4 Tips on Smashing Your Goals

new year goals all white outfit Wumi 'Tuase

Happy New Year loves. For me, I have pretty much the same goals this New Year. Maybe it’s because my goals have always been long term so achieving them is a lot of steps. This new year though, we smash those goals and make a valuable headway.

I woke up yesterday and it finally dawned on me that it is indeed a new year and people actually make plans when it comes to stuff like this. I made some major life decisions at the end of 2019 and I have been trying really hard not to feel pressured. Between satisfying family and trying to assure my loved ones that I am in control of my life, the pressure leaks in. I made a conscious decision to look out for myself mentally in this New Year so everything I do has to be intentional. It is the year to smash those goals though so I have some tips for you.

new year goals all white outfit Wumi 'Tuase

4 Tips to Help Us Achieve Our Goals This New Year

Write Stuff Down-

Personally, I have a very short memory span so I resolved to start writing things down. The note feature on my phone is filled with everything and anything. I type down anything I want to do. I also recently got a very nice journal from a friend and decided to start journaling as well. So this new year, write what you want down in a place where you can always check for reference. I realized that the goals seem more real when they are written.

Have a community-

Guys, this is high-key very important. I mentioned in my new year post last year the essence of having a community of like-minded people. People who inspire and push you beyond your boundaries because there are really no boundaries. People who you give to as much as you take. I met so many amazing people online last year and got close to a few of them that truly inspire me. Get accountability partners so you’re mutually motivated. One thing to note is, don’t always just be the one who takes, offer value as well.

new year goals all white outfit Wumi 'Tuase

new year goals all white outfit Wumi 'Tuase

Attend relevant events & training-

No matter the field you are venturing into, there are always events in that area. Research about these events, attend and network. Most times, it just takes listening to an expert share their story to get the fire burning in you. I mentioned research because it’s not all events that will genuinely help. Also, you need to keep learning, there are always new trends in every industry. Training helps you develop your skill but also research because as much as we want to learn, doing it from the right people is more important. Events are also a perfect avenue to network. Put yourself out there and remember that “NO” does not kill.


Remember, you don’t have it all, you are not Jesus. Take a look at the gaps that can be filled in your industry, pull resources together with other people and get it done. Collaboration exposes you to a larger community. This is not just for bloggers who are reading this, it applies to everyone. Look at your contacts, who has what and can achieve what? Dip into it and create something. The works of your hands will speak for you so create something. I don’t like to hear people say they don’t have talent because that is simply not true. We all have something we are exceptional at so find it this New Year and collaborate with the right people.

new year goals all white outfit Wumi 'Tuase

new year goals all white outfit Wumi 'Tuase

Above all, be true to yourself and your art. Don’t model your life after someone else’s own. You don’t know what people do behind closed doors away from the digital world. It is okay to be motivated by someone’s success but cut yourself some slack and stop pressuring yourself. As long as you keep working hard and smart, your success will come. If you have other tips, kindly drop in the comments.

new year goals all white outfit Wumi 'Tuase

new year goals all white outfit Wumi 'Tuase

P.S Kindly follow my blog, social media, share my posts and recommend my services to your family and friends. That’s all I want from you this New Year. I have an online Thrift Store I am focusing more on this year so please patronize and share that too- THRIFT STORE NG.

I wish you all an amazing and fulfilling 2020. We will all have testimonies to share every day this year.

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“The plans of the diligent lead surely to abundance, but everyone who is hasty comes only to poverty”- Proverbs 21vs5



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