New Month X My Expectations 

Every month, I have things I plan to achieve and where I want to be by the end of that month. More often than not, these things don’t come to pass but a girl can always dream.
For the past few months especially after I started blogging again, I realized that my passion for the media (which I also studied) would never die and if I continue to sit in an office, doing what I don’t particularly and not even try to go after my dreams, I would always regret it.

So way forward. I’ve decided to start going after media related jobs especially presenting (I love to talk, you should see my face when I get an opportunity to be in front of a camera). Despite the fact that most of these jobs require making trips to the island (I live and work on the mainland), it’s a stress I’m willing to face if it means I’d eventually get what I want. The distance is actually a major issue but I’m more willing to adjust.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not putting all hopes up of getting my dream job and I know the media job isn’t all glamour and shine (I had that experience during my IT and service year) but I would still try. That’s an attitude I haven’t had in a while.

What changed? A Blogger I talked to before starting up the blog again, told me not to be discouraged if my blog does not get where I want in time. Passion drove me to start the blog and I trust it to sustain me till whenever. I decided to apply that advice to my life and so far it’s being working. Thanks Cassie! ?

In all honesty, even though I seem like the confident extrovert, I have major issues when it comes to putting myself or my efforts out there, mainly because negative comments get to me a lot but I try to channel them into working harder, that’s good I guess.

So for the month of July, I have some auditions to attend and I hope I’d be able to come back here and share the good news, if not, I’d still share whatever news I got. ?. July please be good to me.

Meanwhile, I just went Vintage shopping and I got two fabulous brogues. Would be posting them soon. Wait for it ??

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  2. muyiwa says:

    Great things starts with little steps like this.
    keep trying I sure you ‘ll get there.

    1. Yes it does. Thanks for reading!

  3. Kingsmen says:

    U got to chase the dream with passion and determination. That remind me when I was about shooting my movie, got no money but my passion make me take steps and today am telling my story.

    1. Yes determination is key. I’m definitely inspired by your story. Thanks for reading.

  4. daze says:

    U’v goh potential, I know you goan make it in the blogging world bae ??.

    1. Thank you so much

  5. ugo sparky says:

    All I have 2 say is July please be good to her and God bless your hustle

    1. Amen. Thanks so much.

  6. Heyy! My friend who is a tv presenter takes tv/radio presenting classes
    Here’s a link to the dealdey deal, although the deal is no longer available : http://www.dealdey.com/deals/television-radio-presenting-course

    Just so you get a feel of it , if its something you are interested in. I can hook you up

    1. Yes I am interested! Thank you Cassie.

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