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New Chic Product Review

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Hey people, how are we doing? Hope you have been having a great week? This review is long overdue, I mean really long, procrastination is a spirit I need to bind from my life honestly. LOL. Let’s dig in.

So some months ago, the people of reached out to me to do a review on their products. I had never heard of them so I went to check out their sites, saw they had  nice and affordable stuff and I agreed. I got to pick out somethings that I liked on their site and they shipped it to me within three (3) weeks, although I had to go to the post office to find my items myself *sigh*. I actually wanted to use each product first before giving a full review but that is no excuse sha. Anyway, here is what I think about each product I got:

Black Leather Patchwork Bodycon Dress


*Looks exactly like the picture

* Material does not pull out and it’s not light. The elasticity is okay.

*Leather does not peel. I have washed it twice and it’s still very okay. I always iron the back though because it wrinkles a bit after washing.


White Leather Metallic-Capped Flat Shoes


This is my favorite because I had been eyeing the Miu-miu metallic capped shoes and this is a perfect dub.

*Easy to clean

*Metal caps are more like very thick foil but it does not peel or scratch easily

*Very comfortable


Multi-Layer Tassel Gold Body Chain

new chic (2)

Not much of a jewelry person but I really wanted a body chain

*Bigger than what it looks like on the site

*Has not faded yet and I have worn it a couple of times.


Generally, the items are bought are of good quality although I think I went for safe choices. The dollar rate is not encouraging now but you can still check them out for some affordable stuff. Have you shopped from New chic before? What do you think of their products?


LoveandKisses from TANG


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