My Lazy Work Outfits

My Lazy Work Outfits


TGIF! Hey guys, what’s up? Hope your week was great? I had a major lazy week and it had to do with the fact that there was no work on Monday so the public holiday spirit stayed with me throughout the week. I so did not feel like getting up from the bed not to talk of picking out clothes for work but I have to get paid so no excuse.

Most times I plan my outfits for the week on Saturdays and then proceed to iron the ones that require pressing on Sunday but this week was different, I picked whatever I saw to combine and wear and ironed in the morning. There are days when I feel lazy like this so I decided to share my lazy work outfits for my fellow selectively lazy people.


I picked a cream colored skirt and a checkered blue shirt and tied the bandanna for a pop of color. The animal print shoe was a last minute decision as opposed to my black pumps.



The importance of owning a print shirt cannot be over-emphasized to be honest. I did not even need to look for other options immediately I found this shirt, all it needed was either pants/skirt and I chose this off-white khaki pants I hijacked from my friend because I’m slimmer and I’ve been wanting something like this for a while now (Thanks Mayowa!). Complete with my classic black pumps that are ever present at work and I think I looked presentable.



In my office, you can start wearing jeans from Thursday but it must not look too casual. So I went for the black top and jeans this time but I needed something extra. A blazer wouldn’t have worked for me because I was too lazy to handle the weight and then the heat has been crazy so I settled for a chiffon jacket with the animal print detail. Black pumps to show that I put in a little effort not to look overly casual.



I honestly used up all my creative powers during the week so I could not even be stressed about today’s (Friday) outfit. I picked one of my favorite body-con dresses (can you guess why it is a favorite? LOL), a snap-back and flat sandals. Pretty much any outfit is allowed on Fridays in my office so there was no issue about whether it would fly or not.


I know there was no work on Monday but with the way I was feeling after the Easter celebration, I already knew what I would have worn if I had to go to work on Monday. Nothing works on lazy days more that a top, colored pants and blazers, am I right or am I right? LOL.


That’s how my week was basically guys. What’s your go-to outfit on lazy days, either work or school? Kindly share.

In case you missed my last post, I talked about following Social media standards, I’d also love to hear your opinions about that. Thanks.

Enjoy your weekend.

LoveandKisses from TANG.

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