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Mom Jeans X Pink!


Hey there! I know I have been MIA for a short while, I’m in the middle of so many things but I had to come here and update y’all and drop this post that has been sitting in my drafts for a long time.

I have said it severally that pink isn’t one of my favorite colors but blush pink is one shade that I can manage and I am actually considering getting more items in the shade. Remember my other Mom Jeans post here? Well this isn’t all that different but like I mentioned, I’m still going to rock it so many ways. This jacket made it’s first appearance here first and it’s one of those simple items that can transform your outfit.I need to get more bodysuits because this blush one needs a rest from me as I have literally abused it covers face. It’s almost a year since my Ankara clutch also made an appearance here & , it’s amazing how it suits a lot of outfits. I love how simple this look is and it’s an everyday versatile look.

So I took am taking a short break from blogging in order to figure some things out and also plan my re-branding. There is so much to do here and I also have to keep up with my Thrift Store especially now that people are expecting new stock for the holidays but God’s got me so I can’t complain! I would be having a three-day giveaway on the blog next week so subscribe to my blog now if you haven’t so you can get first dibs!









Outfit Details

Bodysuit, Jacket &Shoes@thethriftstoreng. Purse- @Oeclat.

Photography- Ck @ckknightphoto

Later Guys!

LoveandKisses from TANG


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  1. It’s a lovely ensemble. Z dat ur hair? Wow. Yaaaay giveaway, i hope i win ? all my fave bloggers are taking a break 🙁 i know it’s for d best so carry on dear.

    1. Yes giveaway! And yes it is my hair. The break is not really working because I’m too attached to the blog LOL but everything would be better next year though. Thank you dear.

  2. I am just here looking at your hair!

    1. LOL I know!!! Thank you Oreoluwa.

  3. Looking great
    love the pink shoes

    1. Thank you hun!

  4. Hey Wumi! Yes you have been quiet . Great to have you back .The pink is such a great pop of colour! Love it.x

    1. Thank you girl!

  5. I love it, those heels are awesome!

    1. Thank you Daniela.

  6. I love your hair…. Really, love!!! And I love the shade of your jacket really awesome. Giveaways!!!! Yass!!!

    1. Thank you Vincent! And yes giveaway because there’s something for the guys!!

  7. This outfit is so beautiful , I love it

    1. Thank you Tracy!

  8. […] Pink isn’t my favorite color and actually it’s on the bottom of the list but I do have a few items in shades of pink like this bodysuit, jacket and heels. In my opinion, blush pink is the best shade of pink. Argue with yourself! I transformed a street style look by swapping a pair of mom jeans for this burgundy midi skirt (I shared the street style look on ) […]

  9. Carina says:

    You look good!
    Nice outfit.

    1. Thank you Carina.

  10. For someone who doesn’t fancy pink you do look really good in it. Really love this look btw.

    1. Really? Well I guess I’d be trying on more pink…. maybe LOL. Thank you Collins.

  11. Finally! Been looking forward to your next outfit post and Voila! It came with some pink goodness.

    1. LOL Mj you’re too kind. Thank you.

  12. Love the pink!!! lovely look

  13. Tamarasinla_xo says:

    Nice outfit, love your hair.

  14. First things first, your hair is goals. Love your kimono too. Awesome look dear!

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