Mix N Match

Happy new week!

Mixing and matching is what I love to do best especially when it comes to stripes.

Big stripes in my own opinion are the best kind of stripes.

Honestly, I was at a loss for what to wear today because when there was electricity to iron, I was sleeping and by the time I woke up, you can already guess what happened. LoL.

I have some clothes that I keep ironed in case of this kind of situation, my horizontal striped blouse is one of them.

I have always paired it with something fun and this time, coupled with the ironing issue, I picked one of my favorite skirts with houndstooth pattern.

I have had this skirt for a long time and I don’t think I would ever outgrow it, it might get shorter (and it has) but hey, the shorter the better ?

Then as always in my office, you have to complete your outfit with heels. Now, this black shoe probably hates me because of the way I abandoned it. I don’t know why that is but I think I always thought black shoes are boring. I basically tripped on it two nights back and the spikes gave me a good reminder that it’s not a ‘plain old black shoe’ nope, it’s as edgy and fun as others. LOL.

You would definitely be seeing more of it.

Oh yeah, because I get cold all the time and my office always seems like it’s winter ?, I had to wear a jacket (also I doubt I’d have looked very coporate without it)


Have a good week guys!

LovenKisses From TANG.

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