Man Crush Monday

Hi guys!

Happy new week. I know the stress of Monday can be annoying but here’s a little something to make you all, especially the ladies, smile.

Our MCM this week is Tolu Adesina, we all know him as ToluFame.

Apart from his awesome voice, Tolu’s style is something I have always admired because even as it’s simple, you would keep checking him out.

There is always that elegant, mature and definitely cool mix to his look. He sure knows how to put it all together to look really good.

So Tolu shared his personal style secret with me and wants his #Prettyones to know more about his style.

Tolu says;

“My style says young and trendy but high fashion as well.

I pick my clothes according to how I feel per time, It’s not rigid, but flexible. Sometimes I could wear a jacket with t-shirt, mixing casual with formal.

My favorite accessories are wristwatches and shoes, High tops, chains etc, Love them.

My manager,  Lussomanagement, styles me. He helps to pic out my outfits to suit the events.

In the industry, one person’s style I like is Trey Songz.”

Well, that’s not surprising as Tolu is our Nigerian Trey Songz. ?.

You guys should go check more of Tolu’s pictures out on his Instagram page, handle; @iamthatolu.
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LoveandKisses From TANG.

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