Make Casual Look Awesome 

TGIF!!!!!!!! Okay I have been feeling super guilty for not posting anything all week, I’ve had a really long week, I’m sorry guys but hey, TGIF!

Most times I just like the casual look; t-shirt, skirt/pants, sneakers and a hat (is that too much for casual? LOL) but making the casual look not so casual is actually what I love to do, you know, spice things up a bit.

I picked this oversized t-shirt made by a friend for Clicks Clothing. This shirt is unique because he actually hand-stitched the name (darmie my second name) on it with a really cool material (I really don’t know what material it is) and of course I turned the sleeves up.

Then paired it with a cream-coloured midi maxi skirt (I love it because of the pockets ?) and a brown faux leather belt. I feel the urge to put on sandals now and then but I prefer sneakers or flats or heels, basically sandals would be my last choice. So I decided to wear my Lacoste marthe shoes with it.


For a pop of colour and to spice the outfit up, I paired with a red bag (red does a lot of things when you want to spice things up ?) and then complete with my hat ?.   


LoveandKisses From TANG

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