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Lost Blossoms by Lanre Oranyeli

lost blossoms

Happy new month people!  I hope your February was better than January and I pray this month would be better too.

I started this month with the sad news that 3 students (girls) were abducted from the Secondary school I attended (Babington Macaulay Junior Seminary) on Monday night. We are still praying for their safe return and ex students have launched a social media awareness with the hashtag #PraywithBMJS #PrayforBMJS. We all just hope that our prayers and faith in God would help in anyway. Please say a prayer for the girls.

I really could not settle down to put any post together so I sought out someone whose words always find a right place in my heart whenever I read them and I told him I wanted to share one of his pieces today.The name might sound familiar because I have featured him as a style crush on the blog before, read it here. Lanre’s pieces are very relatable because he humanizes them, he writes in such a way that you can actually see/feel these things happen and before you know it, you have found yourself in a place where the words take a place in your heart and you have no choice but to think about it.

Here is Lost Blossoms by Lanre. Hope you learn from it everyday.

So it’s almost midday in the office, my friend (she is my sister not by blood actually but you get my point) gets these amazing flowers from her man. She is excited about getting them (obviously more than I) and we both laughed, took a few pictures and carried on with our day as the flowers rested their stems in water from the vase.

The next morning she was excited, even more so than before because some of the flowers had blossomed and they looked prettier than they did previously. I was surprised because I didn’t even notice that the flowers hadn’t blossomed but yet I was excited because it was a great gesture from him.

I watched these flowers without roots blossom because they have been kept in water. The water still supplies these flowers with moisture, so they were able to blossom the next day. The illusion here is that they just carried on, blossoming without roots because the temporary situation of having some sort of sustenance still kept them alive.

I now thought of how many times I had acted happy without feeling the joy from within, how many times I’d smile when I wasn’t really in the mood or put up a facade that never depicted how I felt inside. The worst part for me is that I carry on, like the flowers that blossomed temporarily and I might have made others happy in those moments (like those flowers did for my sister) but how long would it take for me to realize that I didn’t have roots? The masks I put on to please others or make them happy wasn’t enough to make me feel fulfilled.

How long was I going to blossom until my smiles shriveled I felt sad for myself as I became pensive. We are quick to fix our hair, quick to fix our makeup, quick to fix that slouch we have and quick to ask others why they aren’t so happy or looking great but we never for once ask ourselves those questions. we don’t take a daily nor momentary stock of how or what we are really feeling or going through.

We are like the flowers in that vase, putting on a facade that does not even benefit us. So ask yourself, where are my roots and how are they being tended too? Have I cut them out totally and sit in a vase of misguided beliefs in my reality and if so, what am I going to do to make life worth my while?
Perspective is not only looking from where you are standing nor trying to look from where others are, it also involves looking within.

I hope we all find peace from within and stop looking for it in others who are looking for theirs in us as well.

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Have a blessed month ahead

Loveandkisses from TANG


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