Wumi Tuase Nigerian Lifestyle blogger lock-down shopping

The lock-down period in Lagos was expected yet disrupting. Even though we were all trying to stay prudent because of the unknown, some people still shopped. I am one of you and you would find some of my gains in this post.

Wumi Tuase Nigerian Lifestyle blogger lock-down shopping


Some days before the lock-down was announced by the President, my Dad panicked and asked me to come stay with them at Ota, Ogun State. I did not know for how long but I wanted my parents to rest assured that I was safe so I went home. Like I mentioned in my last post, I was buzzing with so many ideas until one point. I got some fellow Nigerian fashion & lifestyle creatives to jump on the #DontRushChallenge and  we went further to do a video sensitizing people about the Corona Virus. This was all before boredom hit full time and I resorted to my coping mechanism- Shopping. Although, I could not receive any of them till I was back in Lagos, it felt good to have something to look forward to. So here are some things I got from some of my favorite online stores.


White Sneakers-

I am kinda a sneaker-head and one of those who feel white sneakers suit everything you wear. I had a pair (or two to be honest) but I needed one in another style. I saw this pair on Haute Signatures and got them for N7500.

Wumi Tuase Nigerian Lifestyle blogger lock-down shopping

Cute Outfits-

Apart from owning my Thrift Store, I love patronizing other budget stores. We rise by lifting others abi? So I got a cute mini skirt, two tops and glasses from a store called Retro Addicts while they were having clearance sales. I love how cute they are and can’t wait to style them for outings.

Wumi Tuase Nigerian Lifestyle blogger lock-down shopping

Wumi Tuase Nigerian Lifestyle blogger lock-down shopping

Baguette Bag-

I love small & cute bags so much. They help me carry only the important stuff while looking stylish. Again, I got this tan baguette from Haute Signatures while on sale for less than N3000. Baguettes are trendy and I love the vintage vibe they add to outfits.

Wumi Tuase Nigerian Lifestyle blogger lock-down shopping

Afro Bun-

As a naturalista, I love experimenting with my hair sometimes when laziness is not in the vicinity. My favorite way to pack my natural hair is putting it in a bun especially since I dyed the top of my hair. Although, it is on the full side, I do not get the type of volume I like when I divide my hair hence, the need for a faux bun. I got two faux Afro buns from Remmy Hair Quarters for N5000. You can tell I love the outcome. I got the faux locs I featured in this post from them as well.

Wumi Tuase Nigerian Lifestyle blogger lock-down shopping

Backdrop Fabrics-

Being a fashion creative who has to take pictures, I have not been able to have my normal shoots with SEUN so I’ve had to improvise. I also did not have very nice picturesque backgrounds at home that had enough lighting. Earlier this year, I made a background for the store where I could take product pictures. So after spending some time on YouTube learning how to achieve nice backdrops, I bought some fabrics to be thrown over the mobile background. Thanks to the lock-down, more creativity jumped out and here we are!

Wumi Tuase Nigerian Lifestyle blogger lock-down shopping

Wumi Tuase Nigerian Lifestyle blogger lock-down shopping

That’s it people. Did you shop during the lock-down? Or are you still waiting for “Post Corona”?

*Please lend your voices to protest the violence against women. It is sad that women are not safe anywhere but I believe we can get justice for the victims of rape and unjust killings. If you can, please donate to the anti-violence organizations as well like S.T.E.R, W,A,R,I,F, Mirabel Centre NG etc.

Also, please remember to stay safe and take preventive measures against the Corona Virus. As much as our lives have resumed, the virus is still out there.

“The Lord is a shelter for the oppressed, a refuge in times of trouble- Psalm 9 vs 9”

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  1. I shopped so much that my neighbors started wondering if I was opening a boutique after the lockdown. As we speak, I am still shopping, sigh.

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