Light Shades of Denim

Ripped paint-effect denim||Vintage. Studded denim shirt|| Vintage . Brown full brogues|| Divided. Bucket handbag|| Burberry

I have always preferred pairing dark and light shades of denim because it created a cool contrasting look. I tried pairing lighter shades to see the effect it would create. One word ‘Supercool’ (is that one word? Lol).

I’m glad I picked this outfit for today because the rain has no chill, at least I’d be a bit warm (the denim has lace lining so I’m not fully exposed to the cold)

I have had this shirt since last year but this is the best look I’ve pulled it off with. The trousers I got from my vintage shopping and it is officially in my ‘ILove’ list. The brogues is one of the two I also got from the vintage shopping and it’s my favorite of the two.

Firstly because of the colour and the material (not faux leather, my mother checked ?) Secondly, the colour is everything, it suits just about everything. This footie would definitely be working ?.



I would have worn nude heels with the outfit but it’s Friday (fun day) and then not every time heels ?.

Have a fabulous weekend. I plan to spend mine taking pictures and chilling with ice-cream.

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