Life Lately- I’m Still Here! (TANG Diaries)

Life Lately- I’m Still Here! (TANG Diaries)

Lately, life has been kind of a roller coaster over here and this is why I have not been posting. I have really missed blogging and I promise to be back with regular style posts as soon as I can. I just really needed a break to get my straight.

It’s been almost a month since my last post. You guys are my darlings so I owe you an explanation and update. Well, let’s just say I’ve missed letting you in on what goes on in this crazy life and head of mine, hence, a much-needed TANG Diary post.


So, I launched the thrift Store as an e-commerce website and nothing prepared me for the work it took to go bigger! Thank God I had the foresight to take my annual leave from work so I could get the basics done. My partner and I (Hi Korede) have had our hands full trying to transition from an Instagram store to a website. Quick question guys, why is it so difficult for people to just ”click the link in bio to shop”? We have been doing everything we can to direct traffic from our direct messages on Instagram to the website with no luck. Any solutions or tips please?


I have been feeling quite restless at work, if you watch my instastories, this would have been very obvious. I feel like there is no enough challenge for my brain. You know that robotic feeling when you’ve been stuck at a particular routine for years, no change in dynamics or whatever? That’s what it is. that’s another issue I’m trying to deal with. I am not sure if I need a change of job or just a different approach to this. I’m also thinking of going full entrepreneur but every income is needed at this point LOL.

I’ve also started taking modeling seriously so if you need a model for your brand, hit up your girl, I’m super affordable and you get good deals with advertisements too!


I will be collaborating more with Nigerian brands. Literally got like 10 outfits to put on the blog but clashing schedules with photographers have been delaying my shoots. I think because I’ve always been the ”go with the flow” type of girl, it’s a bit hard to get my scheduling down pat. I’m working on it so if you have any tips for that too, kindly drop them.

Spiritual life

Apart from the fact that I have been missing church, my relationship with God has gotten a little too comfortable. I have been meditating more than praying and apart from my weekly session with some amazing ladies (Hi SIP!), it has just been a mumbling of words. My heart feels so full with various stuff but I’ve been focusing on the positives so maybe I just need to let it all out in prayer.


My boyfriend and I have been taking more time to learn how to deal with each other’s excesses. It helps that we are friends first so it’s quite easy to notice when one party is feeling some type of way. Currently working on communication too and basically just taking each day as it comes.

Relationship with friends has become exclusive. It’s been more of a ‘what you give me is what I give back’ vibe and it’s been a peaceful experience. It’s essential to know the real ones who you don’t have to speak to everyday but y’all still got each other for life. I’ve had to learn that it’s not about the numbers but the value y’all add to each other.

Guys, that’s basically life lately for me. I’m currently at workrushing to drop this post before I procrastinate again (Lord save me!).

I need all the tips I can get right now so start dropping them people!

LoveandKisses from TANG

”Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid” – John 14:27′

8 thoughts on “Life Lately- I’m Still Here! (TANG Diaries)

  1. Wumi, I can relate with all but I can relate most. My spiritual life has been on a low lately, I’m not sure if I’ve been handling my ‘relationships’ well and my life basically feels monotonous these days.

  2. I’ve missed ur posts. I run a fashion line on IG nd I just feel it’s easier for pple to shop from der since they’re actually on IG @ dat moment, having a store too wud help. Work too has bin exhausting nd tiring but I need d money so u can’t even think of going full time entrepreneur yet. Pls any tip on online marketing? Help a sister pls. I’ve had a fashion line for years nao nd d patronage isn’t so nice 🙁

    1. Hey hun! I totally understand you. Please send me a direct message on Instagram so we can talk about this.

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