Life Lately- Chasing Passions & Planning Events

Life Lately- Chasing Passions & Planning Events

Last month flew past in a blur and I can honestly tell you that I crammed so much into the month that it feels as if I’ve not been able to take a deep breath since my birthday.

I missed you guys and had to come drop an update so you know I’m still here. Although, if you are following me on social media, you’ll have been seeing my posts at least once a day via Insta-story or twitter. P.S Follow me!

A lot has been happening and I know I ask for your support every time but why wouldn’t I? You guys are practically family at this point. Remember I am just an Average Nigerian Girl trying hustling and chasing passions so here are some of the things I’ve been up to.

Chasing Passions Wumi 'Tuase Life Lately Model Actor

Chasing Passions

On chasing passions, last year, I made my official acting debut in a Youtube series. Some years back, I had a “waka pass” role in a Nollywood movie but this was my first speaking role. I took a leap of faith and sent in an audition clip one night and it worked out. Although, it was one scene, I was pleasantly surprised when they called me back for Season 2!

This is me who has pushed down this passion for so long because I did not think I had what it takes to survive in the Nigerian entertainment industry. So let’s hope this is the beginning of a good journey for me in the industry. You can watch 360 with Abby on Youtube and my own episode too. I will let you know when Season 2 is out.

Also, I have been trying to take commercial modeling seriously & it works out sometimes. I modeled for a documentary last year and it premiered this year (this is what i wore). I was actually surprised to see that they decided to use my body on the official posters! Honestly, I did not think it would be that big. Beverly Naya’s SKIN documentary, is one I am pleased to be a part of. Being a “self-love” advocate myself, it’s amazing to see her preach the gospel of loving one’s skin. I watched the documentary and cried a bit because a lot of the women who were interviewed, admitted to bleaching their skin because of male validation. It’s sad that we feel the need to change ourselves in order to gain male acceptance. You are beautiful no matter what color your skin is, believe it.

Chasing Passions Wumi 'Tuase Life Lately Model Actor

Planning Events

So, in case you do not know, I run an online Thrift Store- Thrift Store NG. Also, because I just really believe in Thrifting being the truth when it comes to affordable fashion, I decided to start a Thrift Shopping Party last year. The shopping party featured a couple of other amazing thrift stores selling wares at discounted prices. It was a good time, so good that I got pressured into doing a second edition this year. Therefore, the second edition of the Thrift Shopping Party is happening on Aprill 22nd, Easter Monday at Pancake Hub, 17b Jibowu Street, Yaba. This is an official invite so please come through and support your girl.

We will also be having a charity stand where items will be sold for N1000 (one thousand naira) each. It is something I have been running online & use the proceeds to support 3 charity organizations. One where it is used to pay for the school fees of a child, support an organization that feeds the less privileged in Abuja & give clothes that were not sold to an organization that clothes the less privileged. So, if you would like to support our charity work in cash, clothes etc. kindly send me a message via mail- [email protected] or social media- @wumituase. I will respond as soon as possible.

Chasing Passions Wumi 'Tuase Life Lately Model Actor

I am putting it out there, if you have an acting role or modeling gig for me, kindly hit me up. This year like I said in my birthday post, is for the fearless and I am chasing passions!

What have you been up to? Any gist? Oya hit me!

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