Life and it’s many turns

Sometimes, I think of all the plans we make for our lives and how we are so sure that they would work.

Not to be a pessimist but do we really have back up plans? What if those plans go awry, isn’t that when depression sets in? Failure is not something we like to think about.

I think about my plans to be a hotshot media mogul, to have my own brand of shoes and bags, to have my own show on air, to get married to the love of my life and have wonderful children. To have a fulfilling life.

I was watching an episode of Devious maids and one of the characters asked another ‘What if your dreams don’t come true, have you thought about what you would do?’

She answered in a broken voice ‘It just has to’

I feel like that. Like, I have never considered my dreams not coming true, I have never even seen failure as an option, but is it a good or bad thing?

I guess it depends on how you view it. Maybe if we don’t think about failing and we are very committed to our cause, then we have no other choice but to succeed. But then, Life is Never Fair.

Maybe if we have that fear of failure, it might propel us forward and enforce that drive to succeed or maybe it would weigh us down and we would have failed without even trying.

But what do I know? I’m just a 21-year old trying to find her way in this Life, with it’s many turns.

Have a good week guys. I hope all our dreams come true.

LoveandKisses From TANG.

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