Lessons & Reflections- What I Learned

Lessons & Reflections- What I Learned

There were so many lessons last year, some were hard, some were with love but I learned a lot! Happy New Year Loves.

Style Blogger Wumi Tuase Lessons & Reflections From 2018

Last year was tough but there were so many miracles that I cannot stop being grateful for. Did I smash all my goals? Not even close. A little sad moment while reflecting on all the lessons but I remembered all the things that worked out unexpectedly. Definitely focusing on the positives this year and seeing it as a do-over. I get another chance to do so much and there won’t be no slacking.

I got to work with a lot of brands & I’m extremely grateful that you all decided to work with me. Nigerian brands are truly starting to believe in influencer marketing & the results they (we) bring. Although, there’s still so much improvement to be made by influencers. Don’t just take the money and do whatever you like. I hope we all get better with our work this year. P.S if you want to work with me, all you have to do is in this post.

Style Blogger Wumi Tuase Lessons & Reflections From 2018

2018 was my most trying year in managing my business, blog and work. The fatigue and frustration got so much that I contemplated closing both the store and blog just so I won’t lose my mind. The blog will be 4 years in May and store will be 3 years in July. It seemed like I was under-achieving. I started letting comparisons get to me. People who I gave ideas on how to start a thrift store were making more sales than me. Bloggers who started after me were getting the big bucks from brands.

Over-thinking and stressing the hell out of myself became the norm. I cried so much and at a point I just didn’t have the strength anymore. Thankfully, I had a couple of conversations with some of my favorite people and they literally slapped me back to reality LOL. I also kept praying for clarity in every aspect of my life. God came through.

Style Blogger Wumi Tuase Lessons & Reflections From 2018


It is okay to have self-doubts but dwelling on it & self-pity is a NO. Rather, it should be used as a force to propel myself further into taking the right actions.

I believe that I am strong, people remind me of this everyday but I doubted it. Just because I don’t want my strength being measured by how much shit I’m surviving. Comprehending that the ability to wake up every day and keep trying regardless of how much I want to give up, is part of what makes me strong.

There’s no need to move with other people’s time. Our timing to achieve something in life is very different. I just need to keep working hard so I’m not caught slacking when it is my time.

Having the right set of people around me is key. People who will motivate you through their own work and vice-versa. It’s not a one-sided thing because you also have to bring something to the table. I got to appreciate the importance of having my own people last year. 

I don’t need to have everything together. Not that I’m a perfectionist but I get frustrated easily when things are out of control. I’m also a very impatient person but I’ve learned that patience has its rewards.  

Letting go has always been an issue for me. I’m gradually getting to the point where I can forgive myself and move on without carrying the guilt for the rest of my life.

Fear has no place in my heart. More God-fidence and I can weather any storm. It’s easier said than done but now I know how to drown the fear enough for my confidence to show up.

Style Blogger Wumi Tuase Lessons & Reflections From 2018

I grew a lot last year and I’m thankful for that. Cheers to more growth financially, spiritually, physically (2019 body goals LOL), mentally and any other ‘LLY’ you can think of!

What major lesson did you learn last year? What are your goals for 2019?

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9 thoughts on “Lessons & Reflections- What I Learned

  1. Heyyy Wumi. I am Victory Ejidike. A 5th year medical Student and a 9months old fashion blogger. I like the part you buttressed on your strength and telling us the real stuff in your life, that most people won’t be able to share. The lesson I learnt last year is , to talk to God like I would talk to my closest friend and to be real with him. One of my goals for 2019 is to read more books, especially books on mind.

  2. Having the right set of people is key man. They could break or mar your progress. Especially one who’s a dead weight or another who keeps
    Leeching off you in terms of space, time and energy, sapping off your strength so much so you become too weak to do you.

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