Apparently, my mini obsession with denim isn’t going away soon as I keep finding other ways to pair them, quick question though, are we not all slightly obsessed with denim?

I would be styling this oversize denim dress in two ways so here is the first look. I realized that very few of us small sized ladies like to wear over-sized outfits (without cinching the waist) and to be honest I understand because they can be quite tricky to pull off especially if you don’t have the height too. I bought this sleeveless denim shirt/jacket to sell on the store initially but after trying it on for a customer (who ended up not buying after all my modeling smh) I decided to keep it as a shirt dress for myself, I’m glad I did. For this look, I have layered it on a graphic t-shirt and a pair of mom jeans (which I can’t wait to style separately). I got the shoes for a great price earlier that day and swapped it with the mules I initially planned to wear just because I wanted to complete the vintage feel of the outfit. I accessorized with a mini box bag and my mom’s earrings. I like how the outfit added a little volume to my shape and it’s so comfortable, I could sleep in it (just kidding).



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Outfit Details

Entire Outfit// TheThriftStoreNG (Instagram)

LoveandKisses from TANG

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20 thoughts on “How To Wear An Oversize Denim Shirt Dress 1

    1. Oversized outfits are not limited to small sized people as long as you can pull it off, I’m sure you can. Thank you darling ❤️❤️❤️

  1. Nice!!! And to your question…YES?. Over the years i haven’t been a fan of demin, bt TANG is already making me a fan of demin all the way??.

  2. This slaying something Issa wa work ooo!!! Immediately I saw the sneak peek of this outfit on the ‘gram; I knew it -was going to be AWESOME! Please come and loan me the shoes nau. I’m all for over-sized outfits especially tees and shirts. I’ve already said that when I do find bae his shirts are definitely my shirts too. Let’s not even talk about those Mom jeans <3. All in all, Mami u kilt is as usual.

    1. Hey Sarah, everyone is here for the shoes LOL. I’m joining you in rocking the 90s style ?. Thank you darling.

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