How to rock the Boyfriend's Sweatshirt

How to rock the Boyfriend's Sweatshirt


Hey public holiday, is that you I see lurking in that corner? Who else is excited about the extra long weekend? *doing my happy dance* LOL. Okay that’s enough lazy girl jubilation, long time no style post eh? This one is for those of you that don’t let your boyfriends enjoy their clothes, here’s a super chilled and stylish way to rock that sweatshirt you snatched.

I know that awesome feeling of ‘acquiring’ your partner’s shirt and if you like oversize wears then that’s a big plus for you but most ladies (at least some of the ones I know) just tend to wear the shirts to bed, I mean we know how pricey men stuff can be so why wear the clothes to bed alone? I am guilty of this too sha. I snatched this two-toned sweatshirt from the Mr. and after I found out the price, I knew it was not just going to be for my room alone so I decided to wear it out and rock it better than him too!

Pairing oversize shirts especially if you are on the small size like me can be a tad bit annoying because you don’t want the shirt to swallow you but you also want to slay in it and then it is easy to look very ratchet in oversize wears so you would want to avoid that too. I picked my ever loyal ripped jeans to pair with the shirt and went for a studded cap for that street style appeal. Black heels took care of not letting the shirt seem too long and this green cross-body bag I am currently loving added a pop of color to the outfit. Normally I would have rolled up the sleeves of the shirt but  I liked how slouchy it looks with the sleeves down.








It is the perfect season for sweatshirts so what do you think of this look and how would you rock yours? Please drop your comments!

ICYMI, I shared on my Instagram & Twitter (@wumituase) earlier this week that I am now a contributor on Style Vitae!  I would be sharing Church Style inspiration looks every Sunday from now on so please read the first post here. If you would like to get featured on the Sunday best roundup on Style Vitae, just #SVSundayBest on your pictures on Instagram or you can mail them to me via [email protected] and we would put up the best looks every last Sunday of the month! You heard it here first so don’t dull!

Outfit Details

Sweatshirt– Snatched

Pants- Thrift (@thethriftstoreng)

Shoes– Atmosphere (Gift)

Cap– Thrift (@thethriftstoreng)

Bag– Thrift (@thethriftstoreng)

Hair– Pre-braided crotchetQ (@braidsbyq_)

49 thoughts on “How to rock the Boyfriend's Sweatshirt

  1. Wumi, the slay Queen. Beautiful picture and is there a time you aren’t excited about public holidays? Lol. Finally joined IG. Time to start stalking your store. I hope you make deliveries to Abeokuta ?

  2. Omg! Now I have to get me a sweatshirt to make my own version of this look. I love how comfortable and laid back it looks. Arrrrgh and dont get me started on that bag ??? I am officially in love.
    I totally love this look

  3. Slayer!!! My role model! There’s actually that feeling that comes with wearing your boyfriends shirt lol. Like they have good taste Fam!you paired the shirt very well and maybe I’ll do a post on this when I finally have a bae?

  4. Hello pretty lady was passing by saw this and totally got in love with this style you look simple but really nice I love the shirt and the shoes you look lovely dear

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