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High School Memories



Hi guys! So my Secondary school (BMJS) is celebrating it’s 20th year anniversary and ever since I got the invite, I have been reminiscing so much about my time there.

From the moment I stepped into the school compound for my entrance exams, I told my parents that was the school I wanted to go and I was not going to change my mind despite having gotten admission into other schools. I felt so happy and I did not even know the experience that was waiting for me for 6 years as it was a full boarding school.

The Good

I made a few quality & life-long friends. Friends that always turn up for me whenever I need them even though we don’t see or talk every time, there is an assurance that whenever we need each other, we always come through.

I remember how we girls used to put a lot of hair cream, water and gel on our hair and then tie bandanna on it throughout siesta period so it would look all laid back and sleek when going for Afternoon prep.

I remember the way my roomies (Ife and Mimi) used to narrate movies to us in the hostel and how we used to make up stories about ourselves in the future. I always wanted to be the movie star so my part of the stories were usually glamorous LOL.

I remember the free period after exams when we got to play a lot of games like Jackpot, knit weird looking purses and read a lot of romance novels & the end of the session parties that used to be lit!

I remember being the Drama queen in my set literally & I was in the drama club too, I even got the award ‘Movie star in the making’ at graduation. It’s kinda sad to see that I didn’t take the whole acting thing serious but getting into the industry is hard enough or maybe I just didn’t try enough.

I remember how excited we used to get at Valentine’s Day and how my friends and I used to rush to class in the morning to catch boys putting gifts inside the lockers of girls they liked. The best thing used to be how the girls would unwrap then gifts in the hostel and the in thing then was Incidence perfume and chocolates LOL.

The Funny

I remember in JSS1, we had a secret writer in my class who used to submit names of noise makers to our class teacher anonymously and being a terrible noise maker, my name always appeared in them Sigh. We never found out who it was though, probably the person acting as Subdeliveryman on Twitter now LOL.

I remember the pranks we used to play on each other in class especially when someone was sleeping and maybe drooling. I was in Arts class and you can imagine how naughty most of us were.

I remember the graduation parties where the next set would come and mimic scenarios that happened during the graduating set’s stay in the school. I also remember how one of my classmates got caught  while mimicking a teacher in front of our class LOL (Obafoluke tongue out).

I remember how you had to chest cane like a boss just so you won’t spoil your reputation in school. Big shout-out to my JSS1 class teacher Mr Olowo who flogged me so often, I had no choice but to learn not to cry, he was low-key my hero. The ones who used to dance though, I remember you.

I remember my first crush and how I literally made a fool of myself in school because I couldn’t hide that I liked him and God forbid you make that obvious in BMJS, it was a social faux pas but I did not care. It went on for 3 years and then University came and I moved on so fast it’s still funny till date.

I remember how I used to wiggle my small body to the front of Assembly ground whenever there was an issue that involved students getting beaten by teachers till one time when the Pioneer principal slapped a senior that was caught drinking palm wine with his friends and the part of his teeth that broke off landed squarely on my forehead. I should have watched my Amebo then but e no fit stop.

The Bad

I remember the fights. Looking back now, I guess we were kids and allowed to make mistakes. Sadly, those fights left some experiences with us as some of us don’t even like each other despite having been apart for so many years but that’s fine, we cannot like everyone LOL.

I remember the bullies and the bullied. Honestly I have never supported bullying and I remember some fights I had in school because I wasn’t comfortable with how someone was being treated. Over the years, I have met some of my mates and realized that some of them still have this character in them, it’s sad.

I remember the extremely mean seniors that were like a devil’s incarnate in school. Although, I did not really have issues with seniors because I was wise to pick most of them as my school mothers LOL, some of the gang-beating and other stuff that happened to juniors were just plain mean. As petty as I can be, I saw one of them on Instagram and was tempted to comment something nasty under her wedding picture but Jesus has taken the wheels on my mouth Sigh.

I remember losing a male classmate in JSS1 and that was the first time I mourned for someone, I felt it so deeply because we were close (as close as you could get with someone you just met LOL) and I even started hallucinating at a point. I hope you’re resting in Heaven Taiwo.

I have a lot of memories but let me not turn this into a novel. How was high school like for you? Please drop your comments let’s have fun with this!

Enjoy the rest of your week

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