Have You Been Good This Year?

Have You Been Good This Year?

Hi there! How’s your week going. Is anyone else impressed with how fast the month of November is? I’m so excited the holidays are almost here. It’s almost Santa time!
Which brings me to why I actually started this post; Have you been good this year? Good enough to deserve a gift from Santa? Lol.

Basically I don’t literally mean the Santa we all hear about, I’m talking about God first and then family and friends. Those are the ‘Santa’ I mean.

You know how you have to be really good in order to get a gift from Santa at the end if the year? Well have you been really steadfast with your faith (irrespective of what religion you follow)? Have you made your family happy enough to make them proud of you? Have you been faithful in your relationships and loyal to your friends?

Most of us actually forget that waking up each and everyday is probably the most important blessing you can get because if there’s no life, you won’t even get to lust after those things you really want in life. The wealth, fame, good health and every other thing you desire in this life won’t be possible if you don’t get up alive from your bed every morning.

This alone is enough reason to be thankful and to remind you that there’s nothing impossible for God. If he can keep you alive then surely there’s a great plan for your life which can only be actualized by being steadfast in your faith. Continuous praise and thanksgiving can go a long way.

In your family, are you the one referred to as the ‘Black Sheep’? Are there things you are doing that makes your parents unhappy? There’s still time to set all these right before the end of the year. Nobody is perfect but once you’re not getting the love and support required from the home front, then I’m not sure you would have complete happiness.

For those of you in serious relationships, are you sure Santa (your partner) would get you a gift this season considering how unhappy you’ve made him/her? Even if they don’t know what you’ve done or what you’re doing, would your conscience not judge you anytime you utilize that gift? 

Personally I can be honest and say there are times when I’ve not been entirely good but like I said there’s still time albeit little, to make some things right and I hope that Santa would take a late request ☺️

So why don’t you do something nice for your family and friends during the last days of the year 2015 and trust that Santa would deliver your gifts and God would come through for you.

LoveandKisses from TANG

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  1. In retrospect, i wud say i ve bn steadfast. buh i giv all glory to God who has seen me thru d highs n lows. Still gonna do mor good while cherishin d gift of life dat i av.

  2. To give requires a compassionate heart and loving spirit, Just get one and Ghen Ghen u have both, merry Christmas every one

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