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Growth, Goals- Belated Birthday Post

nigerian fashion blogger wumi tuase birthday post Growth and Goals

Growth and Goals are two things that come to the forefront of the mind when you start to get to a certain age. I never know how much I’ve grown till it’s my birthday and I start to reflect on the past year. How much growth has happened and goals that have either been achieved or not. It’s a lot to take in sometimes especially when you are a worrier and everything just has to make sense before a certain age.

nigerian fashion blogger wumi tuase birthday post Growth and Goals

It was my birthday on the 11th of March (most of you already knew that) and it’s Women’s month! I mean, are you still wondering why I’m a superwoman? Allow me feel myself small abeg, I’m a Pisces woman with the perfect African spirit LOL. Like last year, there was no celebration. Just a heart of gratitude because regardless of where I am now, God still came through. He comes through time after time and I feel beyond blessed just to be alive and chasing my dreams in the right way.

nigerian fashion blogger wumi tuase birthday post Growth and Goals


Realizing that I have continued to perfect the art of letting go. Letting go of things without regrets. I have always had a problem with letting go completely because I do not want to be a bad person or just because I am too emotional so I can’t handle the feeling of loss. It affected me a lot and I couldn’t seem to accept the reality of that loss. I made great progress in the aspect and I am proud of myself. Of course, it was with a lot of prayers and help from my family.

I also became more financially mature. Although I would not lie, last year was my brokest year ever. Maybe because I had a business that was swallowing most of my income but I also know that I splurged on some unnecessary things. So that taught me a hard lesson on money. I don’t ever want to be that broke again (AMEN) Lol. I had a chat with Desola of Deemako about this and she gave some really helpful tips, she promised to do a post on it so I’d remind her, I think we all would pick something from it.

Spiritual growth was something I battled with a bit last year. There were so many distractions that I am currently working on. So I hope this year would be far better as to my relationship with God.


Y’all know I’m a Goal-Digger. I am practically nothing without my goals which is why I am relentless when it comes to achieving them. Another thing is having too many goals. In the past year, I was able to narrow down my goals and set a timeline for achieving them. I literally want to do everything I see I’m remotely good at, want to build up that interest and make it successful. Hard fact, it doesn’t work that way. Yes, I’d like to be a Jane of All Trades but I also need to be a master at the best of them.

I constantly have to remind myself to chill, just take a deep breath and chill. Things will happen, they will work out, it will all make sense all I have to do is chill, take it easy and keep working hard & smart. So I mentioned in my last post that I’m launching the store as an e-commerce store for Thrift stores and lovers. To get the real gist of the What, Why and How, read this featured post HERE.

That’s just one of my goals but that’s the one I’m focusing on right now while content creating for my blog is also as important. I’m also open to commercial modeling jobs and content creating for websites. Anything legit to make this money LOL.

Growth and Goals have become very important to me and they are two words that guide me now. I ask myself if what I’m doing is making me a better person, a more sensible person. If it is in line with my goals or the ones God has set for me, if these goals (both mine & God’s) are aligned. Being purposeful about what I do with my life now is what this new age has brought and I intend to live it right.

nigerian fashion blogger wumi tuase birthday post Growth and Goals

nigerian fashion blogger wumi tuase birthday post Growth and Goals

nigerian fashion blogger wumi tuase birthday post Growth and Goals

nigerian fashion blogger wumi tuase birthday post Growth and Goals

nigerian fashion blogger wumi tuase birthday post Growth and Goals

Thank you for the birthday wishes, cheers to a great year of profound SUCCESS and SLAY!

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”For by me thy days shall be multiplied, and the years of thy life shall be increased”- Proverbs 9vs11


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  1. Happy belated birthday love. i’m sure your outfit got a lot of eyes lol. you look great.

    1. wumituase says:

      Yes it did, trust Lagosians. Thank you darling.

  2. Happy belated birthday girl and thank you for taking us thriugh your thoughts on growth and goals. Like you said, birthdays are a good time to reflect, but if we reflected more than that we’d actually come to realise the big leaps we make daily.


    1. wumituase says:

      Thank you Madeline! Always looking forward to your comments.

  3. Hmmmm!!! You never seize amaze me. You’re truly a woman with drive. Many more blessings to you baby girl.
    This Thriftstore upgrade is quite innovative I’ll like my sister to sign up.
    More details on the pop up sale too let’s come through.
    You can only get better.
    Please remind Desola about that post ooo we all need to Be Smart Money Women.

    1. wumituase says:

      Yes to being Smart Money Women! Thank you so much love. Please get her to sign up ooo

  4. love your hair and your style. Jeez! you look great 🙂

    1. wumituase says:

      Thank youuuu!!

      1. No problem. Now following your blog, hope you follow mine too 😊

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  6. Sefunmi says:

    Luv u girl! If u can dream it, u can have it!

    1. wumituase says:

      Thank You!!!!

  7. Belated happy birthday..
    You are beautiful

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