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Girl Meets Streets… Again

Yellow top (8)

My people! How are you doing? I have done series of street style posts but it never gets old. I enjoy shooting on the streets and even when my outfit is supposed to be against one dope background, the streets always find their way in.

This outfit is another test of the socks-on-heels trend, check out the first post here and the second here, I have not worked up the courage to wear it with trousers yet but I’m getting there. I was complaining at a point that I do not own a yellow blouse and my baby girl Foyin got me this top as a birthday gift (thanks darling), the skirt made an appearance one time on the blog here and I’m thinking I need to find other creative ways to wear it, this look is getting predictable LOL.

I was going to lean towards the school-girl look with white sneakers and the socks but I forgot to pack the sneakers *covers face* so I had to make do with my black shoes and I actually love the outcome, it kinda looks like boots from afar.

 I learned how to peel oranges … Nah I’m lying, I damn well nearly cut off my fingers, the vendor had to quickly save me LOL.

This is one outfit I can wear to so many places, it gives me this vintage vibe and I always love the combination of yellow & red.

Yellow top (1)

Yellow top (10)

Yellow top (11)

Yellow top (12)

Yellow top (5)

Yellow top (6)

Yellow top (2)

Yellow top (7)

Yellow top (4)

Yellow top (9)

Yellow top (13)

What do you think of this outfit? Have you tried out the socks-on-heels trend yet? Drop your comments guys, I’d love to know what you think.

Enjoy the rest of your week.

LoveandKisses from TANG.

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