Happy Holidays everyone! Well mine has not started yet because I am still working but hey, I still have to be in the holiday mood and get with the season.

You cannot even begin to imagine why this post is coming up so late at night, I have had too many problems with the blog and even this post in particular, I am super frustrated right now but the post must be up.

I was also supposed to start this holiday series earlier but I had major problems with photography and if you read my last post, you would know why I am trying to improve my picture quality. I hope it works out though (say a prayer for me please).

For those of us that are still working, we don’t want to be left out of the fun when it comes to dressing up during the¬†Christmas season and instead of me looking like a whole Christmas tree LOL, I decided to just spice up my everyday wears with the season’s colors which is predominantly red. Pairing white, black and red seemed minimal enough.


I got this midi skirt from Jumia during the Black Friday sales. The red part is highlighted very well so there was no need for an additional red piece, I also like the feel of the skirt; it is neither too thick or too light. This white chiffon shirt is one that always comes in handy although I almost swapped it for a sleeveless white blouse but my sore throat reminded me that there is a harsh weather out there.

This is honestly the first pair of wedge sandals that I would really love, I usually prefer stilettos and platforms because I have this fear that wedges look like I borrowed them from my mum so prior to this, I did not own any wedge sandals. The black and white contrast really closed the deal for me.

So here is how I spiced up my work outfit to look a bit *Chrismassy* LOL




Skirt- Nma Clothing from Jumia

Sandals- River Island

Shirt- Vintage

Enjoy your holidays people!

LoveandKisses from TANG