Fringe X Culottes

Fringe X Culottes

Fringe X Culottes (5)

Who missed me? I definitely missed you guys & I’m sorry I’ve been MIA here, I had a lot on my plate this past week & I’m working on something fresh for you all too. Even though I do not understand the climate on this part of the earth, I have started combining my outfits to suit whatever the weather decides to throw my way.

You probably remember the top from the first two-piece Lade made for me in this post, I have to confess I have been rocking the outfit in separates since then, it’s more fun that way. I have also been looking for a nice pair of culottes and this chiffon piece got my heart because of the bold floral prints and the color too, I literally begged my friend to buy it for me. We all know how awesome fringe pieces are and I just could not pass up this jacket when I saw it, it was very affordable too so there was no excuse whatsoever (& to all ye people that have been eyeing the jacket, I have hidden it in faraway land *tongue out*). Even though I initially wanted to go for all neutral tones, I love the way the shorts brought life to the outfit.

Fringe X Culottes (4)

Fringe X Culottes (1)

Fringe X Culottes (8)

Fringe X Culottes (7)

Fringe X Culottes (2)

Fringe X Culottes (3)

Fringe X Culottes (6)

Top– Be_u_by_lade

Jacket– Thrift

Shorts– Thrift

Shoes– Atmosphere (Gift)

Photocredit– Grace of (It’s her birthday today guys, go check out her blog)


26 thoughts on “Fringe X Culottes

    1. Wait, My eyes are pretty? That’s one I’ve never heard ooo LOL & my designer is your namesake. Thank you Lade, just read your newsletter, superb one there.

  1. Hey! I’m new around here but I’ve been clicking through a couple of your posts and I have to say that I love them! I think you have a great sense of style and you always know what looks best for your body type. So, keep posting girl because I will be watching!

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