Freestyle Friday

Fridays are usually the best days of my week because I can wear whatever I want, to work. Trust me I make the most of it. ?


One of my favorite friday wears is the Plaid shirt, in any way I can pair it. I totally love Plaid shirts because they dress almost everything up.

You either get the gangster kinda look if you add a footwear or the sophisticated-with-a-lil-bit-of-fun look if you’re pairing with heels.

So I decided to go for the street-style (I almost always go for streets ??) by tying one of my Plaid shirts on my waist. I have a preference for this shirt cos of the white faux fur around the edges.


This black top was the next choice (I love the gold zip). I folded the arms cos it’s a bit big there. Infact the top is big cos I stole it from my mum a while back ?



I thought at first that I would put the shirt on over the top but changed my mind when I saw this pair of jeggings, which would definitely look more street than a black one cos it’s faded. Then I turned it up once because it’s not as long as I like and I always turn my jeans up, it usually looks better especially because I’ve got skinny legs.


Then the footwear palava started. I haven’t worn this Addidas footie more than once and it’s been abandoned ? so it cried last night to be worn and I couldn’t refuse ?

Snap Back

This morning while styling my hair, it kept flying right back up and I annoyingly snatched this plain black, snap-back and jammed it on my head, but it apparently made the whole look awesome ?

So here’s how I rolled into work today looking like a Gangster Property. LOL

LoveandKisses From TANG

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