It was one of those nights when I was just scrolling through Instagram looking for wardrobe inspiration that I saw the #fiftyshadesofblack contest (empowering the black girl) on Beverly Naya’s page. I always admired her and had been following for a while. I loved the idea behind it (loving your skin color no matter what it is), I decided to enter the competition with one of my pictures and the conditions of the contest was to say something about your skin color.

Now it felt like fate because through out that day, I was thinking about how I could ever make a headway in modeling and pageants as a dark-skinned girl. I put up some words as to why a black woman is God’s best creation and how strong the black race is. My picture was reposted in the morning and so it started. At the end of the competition, I was one of the winners.

The prizes; Lunch date with Beverly Naya, darknlovely products and a photoshoot session for this year’s #Fiftyshadesofblack campaign. We had the Lunch September last year and got to meet the amazing Beverly. Needless to say, it was a great experience. We heard her story and inspiration to start the campaign, talked about ourselves and encouraged each other. Some of us became friends from there.

  Fast forward to February this year, we had the photo shoot. It was fun, too much fun but that wasn’t even the main part. Beverly brought some of her friends to talk to us ladies and encourage us more. These women; Osas Ighodaro (now Ajibade), Diana Yekini, Liz Awoliyi and Lola Maja, all media personalities, truly inspiring. Some of their stories made us cry, some made us laugh and we learnt a lot.       Bottom line is, that experience gave me the boost I didn’t even know was needed, I began to see myself as Strong, Capable and Confident. I could see myself going after something and getting it. I started thinking of my passion and how to work towards it and I finally took a step in the right direction and I’m proud of the woman I’m becoming. Please appreciate and love yourself no matter your race/skin/size, we are all beautiful. Here are some of the photoshoot pictures and you can read the whole story on bellanaija.com.                        Photographer: Yetunde Babaeko Makeup: Maybelline Hair: DarknLovely

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  1. Like 2face said… “only one race that’s the human race” #BlackAndProud #MadeOfBlack #Black

  2. Open Up and share more stories! The boys boys are seated! Proudly #FiftyShadesOfBlack #Beautiful People

  3. Brilliant campaign!! Celebrates creativity on the African
    Continent Proudly #FiftyShadesOfBlack
    Open Up and share that story! The boys and girls are seated! #BeautifulPeople

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