Fear, The Only Barrier.

Hello and how’s the long weekend going?

I am not sure how mine is yet, I should know tomorrow Lol.

Lying down and thinking of how much we let our fears hinder us from doing a lot of things, we let it cripple and cowardice us and at the end of the day, we have only ourselves to blame.

Honestly, what’s the worst that could happen if we put ourselves out there and try to reach for what we truly want instead of settling for what we have?

We deserve so much more and these days, it’s not about good things coming to those who wait but the best things coming to those who go out and get it.

The Mtv MAMAs was yesterday and I can only imagine what those musicians could have gone through before getting to that place where they are now being celebrated. Patoranking’s story of once selling rat killers, is just one out of many.

So what is really stopping you from reaching for your heart desires? Fear? It’s just in your mind. Nothing would stop you once you make the resolution to stop clapping for others and rather be a recipient of that applause. You start to make plans and execute them and really even if you get beaten down, remember the greatest men on earth never gave up and that’s why they were able to achieve a lot.

You can’t say you would never eat again because your food poured or you would never stand again because you fell on your face. If you believe it, then there’s nothing you can’t do.

Do not let the opinions of others about you define who you truly are. There are a lot of people who derive joy from pulling others down with the words of their mouth, if you let yourself be drawn into this web, then the whole purpose of your life ‘might’ just be defeated.

This is not just about our work or jobs, but our relationships too. I hear people say they can’t fall in love again because they had an unpleasant experience. Honestly, there would always be someone else for you and if your pessimistic mind already predicts a bad experience then you would get one but if you look at it from the aspect that you deserve to be happy, you deserve to be loved and you deserve to give love, then open yourself to it and no matter how many times you get burned, you would always come out ontop, because you have too much love in you that would heal you.

As a christian (this is just my personal religious views, not to be imposed on anyone), I know how many times God gives us His love and we humans reject it even unconsciously, but it doesn’t mean that in His graciousness, He won’t still continuously bless us with that Love.

In all honesty, we are just scared to open up to somebody, anybody but remember that Fear is only a thing of the mind and once you rise above it, it would no longer be a barrier.

Have a good week ahead y’all.

LoveandKisses from TANG.

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