Fashion facts you probably never knew

Fashion facts you probably never knew

Hey there! What’s up? Hope your week is going well? The other day I decided to surf the internet for some fashion facts I did not know and I found some really amazing & funny information so I thought to share them with you. If you thought you knew everything about fashion then you probably want to read some of these interesting fun facts.

  • About Clothes– I found out that an item is only considered vintage only if it is made 20 – 100 years ago and any other one that comes after then is called “Retro” as it is most likely a replica of vintage patterns. I love vintage shopping but I don’t know if I should be calling it Retro shopping now because I really doubt that the items I buy are dated as far back as a hundred years!
  • About Makeup– It was stated that during the different eras, women applied color to their faces using a whole lot of various stuff. In Cleopatra’s time, berries and other natural ingredients were used as makeup to enhance the face. I think that we are kind of going back to this one because a lot of natural ingredients are recommended for facial use nowadays.
  • About Hair– As much as most of us love to make short hairstyles now, apparently, decades ago, if a woman spotted short hair, she was considered to be an unfaithful wife. Errrrr, I think I’m going to start looking at short hairstyles in a weird way from now on LOL.
  • About Ties– Neck ties were first used in Croatia and that’s why they were known as “cravats”, I’ve honestly never heard that word. Also, neck ties are the most popular Father’s Day gifts in the world till date, so I’m wondering why Nigerian guys give side eye when their partners give them ties every year, like we are just following the old tradition so suck it up please haha.
  • About brows– Even as we all strive to keep our eyebrows on fleek these days, apparently, the fashionistas during the Renaissance period used to shave off them off. Shave them off?!! I’m certainly glad that went out of fashion because I can imagine how zombie-like I would look without any brows.
  • About pregnancy– So while some expecting mothers are constantly on the lookout for outfits that hide their baby bumps, during the 15th century, being pregnant was considered as fashion and the girls that weren’t pregnant would hide pillows under their dress to fake a baby bump. LOL.
  • About Lingerie– The first bra was invented by a New York socialite, Mary Phelps in 1914. I’m kind of 50/50 about this one because well, sometimes that particular item can be a curse especially in this heat *covers face*.
  • About shoes– There was a period, when Christian Louboutin shoes were available with baby blue soles. There was an intention to enable “something blue” for brides-to-be but that was very short-term due to certain trademark issues. I’m personally glad it was a fleeting thing because those shoes were hideous in my opinion haba! See for yourself.


  • Wumi Christian-Louboutin-shoes


  • About the LBD– Seemingly we have the great Coco Chanel to thank for trending this lifesaver piece of clothing because I’m pretty sure it has saved many of us a whole lot of worrying on lazy days. Appreciate Coco Chanel’s timeless ingenious creation of simplicity and elegance when next you slay in your Little Black Dress.
  • About Cars– While we take any excuse to rock our miniskirts these days, during the late 18th century; skirts became shorter only to help women to step into automobiles conveniently and comfortably. We have the invention of the automobile to thank for that significant influence on women’s fashion & next time I wear a short skirt in your car, I’m only appreciating the very essence of its invention LOL.


About Heels– I laughed outright when I saw this. High Heels were initially worn by both men and women. It helped the men when they rode their horses but sadly, the trend faded by 1740. If it did not fade, I bet the men of this generation would be too lazy to even carry it with the snide remarks some of them make about our shoes LOL. Honestly though, there are some macho men I’d like to see rock block heeled shoes, let’s see how masculine they look while practically walking on tip-toes.

I saw others but these are the ones that really got me. What do you think about these facts and what other facts have you heard so far, please share with me.

Have a wonderful week.

Loveandkisses from TANG.

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  1. Tot i would c old skul pictures joor.i rmembrd seein ma dad on high heel shoes in som of his old wud b so funny to c guys do dat

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