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Easing Into The Season’s Colours


 Happy new month everyone! It’s Santa Month, if you’re excited say ayee! LOL.

I’m gradually easing into the season’s colors and although I was going to start my Christmas colors post with an all black ensemble (if you follow me on Instagram @wumituase, you would have seen the picture I put up yesterday although not the outfit I planned initially), but the lady that was supposed to make me a bag wasn’t feeling too well and the outfit wouldn’t have looked good without it.

Moving on, we all know that the Christmas colors are basically Red, Green, Blue and White and they are beautiful colors too! As a lover of bright colours, I’m making my way into incorporating the Christmas colors into regular outfits. Here’s one of them, the maxi dress.


My neighborhood tailor made this ‘Jadore-Inspired’ dress although hers was in yellow. I bought the stripes chiffon material and told her to make it vertical and horizontal to give it a contradictory look and to also include a cut-out at the back. I particularly love the cut at the neck side which was mainly what attracted me to the style.


Harmattan came late to Lagos this year and I’m still trying to adjust so I paired the dress with a faux-leather jacket (I don’t even know what material this is) and my hair is looking old hence the scarf tied into a turban. I accessorized with a purple ring and red bandana tied to my bag (inspiration gotten from cassiedaves bandana post Hi Cassie! ??)


I tried to go the Bohemian way with this outfit, what do you think? 

Jacket, Bag, Ring, Sandals- Vintage 

Have a fab week ahead.

LoveandKisses from TANG 

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  1. Barms Omobolaji says:

    U look good girl am really proud of ur beauty…..

    1. Thank you!!!

  2. Strutting to your house and into your closet… the combo is awesooome…
    My Harmattan Essentials

    1. You’re always welcome providing they would fit (you know you package well). Thanks Grace.

  3. Beautiful Wumi ??? I am in love with that dress and you just slayed the headwrap too.. Ahn ahn Ogini kwanu??? Lol ❤❤??

    1. I just got that translated! Daalu…o bughi fault mu na… LOL! Thanks Oluchi

      1. Hahaha!! Translated?? Now you’re making me feel like my Igbo is over the roof ???

  4. Toyinwithfashion says:

    The dress is lovely and the scarf added so much color and vibe!!! ❤

    1. I know right! Thank you Toyin.

  5. Wow….beautiful…. Definitely gonna sew this gown for my self and rock it this way

    1. Thank you! Do share pictures when you do. Thanks for stopping by.

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  8. That jacket is amazing ! The stripes on the dress are so chic and that pink pop of colour is just perfect. x

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