Denim Makes It All Better

Denim Makes It All Better

I didn’t mean to post anything today but I was feeling guilty (don’t know why that always happens). So I just kept checking my pictures and was wondering why Denim makes everything look good.

Since its throwback Thursday, I’m throwing it to one of those denim days where I was just too lazy to plan an outfit and because I take pictures everyday, well almost everyday, I found these in my roll ?

Denim is almost never wrong. At least that’s what I believe, unless someone finds a way to ruin it lol. You pair a denim shirt with a mini or midi skirt and it’s hot, with leather pants, still hot, with denim trousers, definitely hot. With heels or flats, still looks good. There are absolutely no rules with denim.

If I’m ever at a loss for what to wear, I just find a camisole and throw on a denim shirt and pants or basically anything around, and that’s it.

I’d still always turn up the pants though ?. How do you prefer to rock your denim? I’d appreciate your comments.

LoveandKisses from TANG

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