4 Ways To Style Denim Culottes

How to style denim culottes how to wear culottes

Fashion is recycled so it is no surprise that denim culottes made a comeback in recent years. Denim culottes were one of the things I considered “old school” but I couldn’t wait to get my hands on a pair this year.

How to style denim culottes how to wear culottes

Denim Culottes

I got this pair of denim culottes while  thrift shopping for my store. Although, it is slightly small for me, nothing can stop my slay. Fun fact, I haven’t had a shoot outside since March and this felt really good, I really missed it. Anyway, after I had tried to take pictures of the denim culottes inside like I’ve been doing, it didn’t come out so good. Got a friend to help me after another shoot and here we go.

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Look 1

How to style denim culottes how to wear culottes

A white bodysuit and snakeskin mules with a wooden bag. White tops are always my first choice for blue denim and this is noy different. I had a lot of white options to style with the denim culottes but I really like how this bodysuit has a collar illusion that gives a more serious feel.

Details- Bodysuit & Bag-Thrifted. Mules- Gift

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How to style denim culottes how to wear culottes

Look 2

How to style denim culottes how to wear culottes

Animal print shirt, red shoes and baguette. Guess who went on a shopping craze for leopard print pieces? It’s me, I’m the culprit. Don’t blame me, I recently realized how timelessly stylish they are. There’s a video coming soon on colors that can be worn with it. For this look with the denim culottes, red was my go to color. I like this because it is simple and you can put a twist on  the shirt by making it look wrapped just like I did.

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Details: Shirt- TSNG. Bag & Shoes- Instagram Stores

Look 3

How to style denim culottes how to wear culottes

Black tie top and nude heels and hat. I feel like this will be everyone’s favorite look because of the black top. Hats have been a staple in my closet for as long as I can remember, there is just this extra coolness they add to any look. Tip: Want to upgrade your look? Pop a hat on.

Details: Top- TSNG. Shoes & Hat- Instagram Stores

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Look 4

How to style denim culottes how to wear culottes

Ankara top & jacket which are part of a three piece set that includes plain red pants. You should check out the full look in this TikTok video and on the brand’s page. You already know I like sets because of the versatility. For this, Both top and jacket added the extra dramatic look I was going for. Do you want a statement look that will get you noticed? This is it.

Outfit Details- Ankara Top & Jacket- Dassy Classy.

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Which of these looks is your favorite? Don’t forget to share this post if you like it. Can you tell I’ve been loving afro hair?

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