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Dating:Why You May Not Get A Second Date


Hi people! I have been staring at my blog for about a week now and I have not been able to post anything although I have a lot of posts sitting in my drafts, I just was not feeling any of them. Majorly, the past 1 and a half weeks have been frustrating/fun. (Go figure)

Yesterday, I was gisting with my friend Cynthia and she was trying to come up with content for a topic she picked for an audition. We got talking about things guys do that turn us off on first dates and it was so funny that I decided to do a blog post on it.

You know how annoying it can be when you look forward to a first date with this new person you have been talking to and you decide to just go with the flow so it won’t be all that awkward then they just go and ruin it with a few words LOL. So I just put together few things that would turn me off on a first date and some are from personal experience;

  1. Talkative: This one is highly relative because it may not be the same for everyone especially when you are the introverted type and you need the other person to fill the space. Well, I am an extrovert and a talkative so if we are going to be competing for the the best gist when we meet, you would tire me out LOL. Honestly, you know those kind of people that always try to belittle your own gist because they have been in a similar situation before and their story was  lot more fun ? Those ones annoy me a lot! Like why can’t you enjoy the gist and let me shine small? LOL. Let me give you an example, you haven’t even finished your gist and they cut in like “That one is small, the day my guys and I were…” Like seriously?
  2. Constant Reference To The Ex: I have yet to come across one lady that this does not annoy. You are with a guy on the first date and you bring your ex up in everything then I start to wonder why she is not the one with you at that point since you are obviously not over her. I once laughed really hard at what a guy was saying and the next thing he said was “My ex never used to laugh that loud” That shut me up alright and I did not even crack a smile throughout the rest of the date. Censor my laughter would you?
  3. Rude & Over-Opinionated: I am not sure that is even a word but I am making it one. This one comes from people you least expect it. Everything is going well, we are having fun and all of a sudden he starts to have strong opinions about every subject (which is not bad) but then expect me to agree with everything because I look like a ‘cute little bunny’ I meaaaannnnn! Or they casually drop a very rude remark and expect you to take it in stride and not call them out for it. If I ever not make a comeback on a rude statement, it means I have zeroed my mind and would not even give you a chance to redeem yourself = No second date.
  4. Self-Absorbed: This one takes a royal stand in the list. It’s a date and we are supposed to get to know each other. What makes you think I want to hear all about you throughout? The ones that do this are those I surmise to be either too full of themselves or too insecure to let the other person outshine them in any way so they want to fill your head with how good they are in all aspects of life. Tone it down!.
  5. Grabbing Rights & Sex Bragging: Because I am having fun or I have been totally free with you in order to erase all awkwardness does not mean you should start to touch/grab my body parts. Have a little decency even if you have more caveman-like traits than gentlemanly ones and wait. First dates do not guarantee you a kiss so do not try to impose one. Secondly, there are guys that seem to think they are impressive while bragging about their sexual prowess. I do not know how you think letting me know that you have a long string of satisfied women behind you is supposed to impress me, it actually makes me notice how immature you are in handling relationships.

That’s a lot, I know! I have more though LOL but I would stop here and hand over to you guys, can you relate? Or do you have other first date turn offs that you have experienced? Not to be unfair, I want the guys to speak up and share what turns them off in ladies on the first date too. I am looking forward to your comments.

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  1. Loool. I totally agree. Mouth/body odour too o.

    Cheesy Pick Up Lines

    1. That one is definitely a deal breaker. I can’t even handle that lol. Thanks Grace.

  2. Lol. I’m introverted but I really feel uncomfortable around guys that talk talk talk. Somewhere along the line, I just get bored. Lol. Those ones that are always smacking their lips.. Ugh

    1. Lol @ smacking their lips, that’s just weird. Thanks for reading Ola.

  3. Daybor says:

    1.Talkin abt ur ex is a huge turn off…2. bein overly dramatic i.e. nt bein real. 3. Dishonesty

    1. It seems everyone is in agreement with the ex issue and yes dishonesty! But how would you even know? Lol. Thanks for reading Debo.

  4. Toyinwithfashion says:
  5. The_ cardeejah says:

    Nice write-up.

  6. Lol. This post is soooo right! Nice blog btw 🙂


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