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Quite a lot of online businesses disregard the need to have a professional Customer Service experience. It could be as a result of not being a physical customer-facing brand or they do not just know the importance. Customer service was my specialty for 5 years and it really helped my business grow outside my 8-5 career. This is why I decided to host a WhatsApp class to help online businesses get their customer service right.

I stumbled into the customer service profession when I landed my first and only 9-5 job 5 years ago. It took a while for me to adjust to being pleasant all the tome for 8 hours. I have a short temper and really do not know how to hide my emotions but I had to learn. It was not the easiest thing to learn especially if you have to physically face customers. Surprisingly, I became very good at it and even won a National award at the company’s Skill Contest. It was then I realized how it had become a part of me. Even my personal communication manners improved greatly (except when I’m with my best friends LOL). I have also consulted for few businesses over the years which I believe has brought me here today.

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It’s been 4 years since I started THRIFT STORE NG and the one thing customers keep commending is the impeccable Customer Service. It’s not bragging if it is true. I implemented everything I learnt from all my professional courses in my business and it paid off. I have most of my Day 1 customers still with me till today. In fact, some of them have become unofficial marketers for my brand and I love meeting them at my Shopping Parties.

If there is one thing you as a business owner should know, it is that there is nothing more important than delighting your customer. You can have 100 satisfied customers but one unsatisfied person can ruin your reputation. A bad experience reaches twice as many years as a good experience.

This Coronavirus pandemic has affected so many online businesses and there are people who are struggling to retain their customers. This is why I thought to hold a WhatsApp Class on Customer Service for Online Businesses. I cannot have all these knowledge and keep to myself, my first instinct is usually to help and that is what this class will do.

Unlike the rigid online classes you might have taken, this is coming from someone (Me) who is very familiar with the running of a Nigerian Online Business and the world at large. It will not be something you can find on google because the content is custom made for you and quite practical.

Customer Service is a worldwide culture that everyone who owns a business should know. There are only advantages to this class where you will learn all you need to achieve customer delight with practical examples and exercises.

What You Will Learn

  • Practical ways to grow your business with customer service elements
  • How to handle (difficult) customers
  • How to create a customer delight process for your business
  • Customer retention during crisis
  • Best practices in customer service

In addition, you will also be given a free customer satisfaction index template for your business to help you monitor the progress. After this class, you will be well versed in proper customer handling, there will be no loss of customers because of the pandemic or any other event. Above all, you will be a professional at delighting your customers.

The CUSTOMER SERVICE FOR ONLINE BUSINESSES Class fee is N7,500 (Seven Thousand Five Hundred Naira) but you know I have got a special place in my heart for my blog readers. Which is why the first 5 people to register from here will get a special rate of N5,500 (Five Thousand Five Hundred Naira).

Click this LINK to book a slot through the Shop feature on my website. It is very easy to navigate. If you are having any issues, kindly send me an email to [email protected]. Even if you do not run an online business, you can share with those you know. You can also sponsor a friend or anyone who needs it by paying for their spot. Share the love!

Let’s stay safe and beat this virus together.

“That in blessing I will bless thee, and in multiplying I will multiply thy seed as the stars of the heaven, and as the sand which is upon the sea shore; and thy seed shall possess the gate of his enemies”- Genesis 22vs17

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