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I’m lazy, that’s so news I am sure so when I found the brand ‘BraidsbyQ’ that sells pre-braided crotchet extensions, I was overjoyed and eager to try it as I had never installed crotchet before.

BraidsbyQ is a brand that focuses on all types of braids and they produce pre-braided crotchet hair in forms of all braid styles (faux locs, twists etc) and braid wigs too. It is a brand owned by a young creative and I mentioned in my last post how happy it makes me to support people who are go-getters. The brand came up with pre-braided hair to help those with tight schedules that cannot actually sit for long hours at the salons (or for the lazy ones like me LOL). The owner also renders home hair services for those who would want her to install the hair for them.

The braids are priced according to their lengths and you can have your custom made colors and sizes too. I like long hair naturally so I had to go for the Jumbo size which is 28 inches in the big size because well… the bigger the better right? LOL. I really like the fact that when I am done, I can take it out, trim & oil it and keep for another time so it’s a win-win for me. The hair comes in bundles and it is actually advisable one gets up to 4 bundles for a full head. Another thing is that it is not as heavy as normal braids, I guess it is because it had gone through all the stressful process before installation. You can install normally or braid the front of your hair before installing.

The hair can be delivered anywhere in Lagos & delivery is 5 working days after payment. Delivery charges apply.


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Price List

Braids: 28 inches- N3000 per bundle,  22 inches- N2500 per bundle,  18 inches- N2000 per bundle, 12 inches- N1500 per bundle. Faux locs: 16 inches-N2000. Installation (optional)– N2000.

Braid wig: Long- N20,000 Others- N12,000.  You can also contact for regular braids, fixing & faux locs too.

Contact number: 08124409228

Twitter & Instagram: @braidsbyq_ Snapchat: @Qawiyah

*Tip: Before installing the hair, it’s advisable you weave your hair in a zig-zag manner, that way the hair would cover every part of your hair.


Installed by Grace

Photography- Hibrace Media

Have a fabulous weekend people!

LoveandKisses from TANG

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  1. Crochet braids are here to stay and it’s saving time and hair lines. The hair looks really good on you. It’s so beautiful.

    1. Emphasis on hairlines! LOl. Thank you darling.

  2. Looks Pretty Wunmi!! It’s a neeeed. Love braids, but it can be such a hassle sitting for a long period.
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    1. I know right! Thank you Kachee.

  3. I can not believe that that is Crochet! You look gorgeous!

    1. Lol thank you Naomi.

  4. I’m all here for easy hairstyles like this but then again, being lazy as i have been most recently..i’ll rather the wigs haha.
    Once again, tension us with booty action

    1. Girl!! Wigs are lifesavers, I’m looking to buy more sef, I’m too damn lazy. That little booty sha LOL.

  5. Looks good on you. I can say so cos I installed them looool.
    Bodycon, Sneaks ‘N’ Fringes

    1. Self-hype abi? Well done. Thanks love.

      1. Anytime baby

  6. I absolutely love crotchet braids.
    It,s a savior for natural hair, I’ll rather install them myself though.
    It looks great on you!!

    1. I should learn how to install myself but I’m too lazy. Thank you Lydia.

  7. Your smile is so have dimples. Great post.

    1. Hey Shona, yes I do, on one side though. Thank you dear.

  8. Crotchet braids are totally my thing plus with the fact that you can have braids on without being scared of your front hair coming off? ?? you look good girl

    1. I know!!. Thank you love.

  9. I love your braids, looks really well done

  10. Enough already!!! I cant deal with your beautiful face. These braids are calling my name.x

    1. LOL Steph! Thank you darling and you know you slay in any hairstyle.

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