Coping with Capes


Queen of Ankara two-pieces no? Okay, I’d try harder LOL.

How was your weekend? Hope you all are ready for the new week?

I’d like to take a second just to appreciate everyone who consistently visits my blog and the new people too (keep coming back pretty please ☺️). You all motivate me to continue this journey and I see my stats booming everyday. God bless you all.


I have always been scared of capes, not scared as in horror type of scared, just scared in the trying-new-things type.

I used to envy anyone I see successfully slaying a cape style dress or top and I decided to go for it. I saw something similar to this two-piece set in a magazine and borrowed about two yards of this material from my mum (I always borrow from her) then tweaked it just a bit to my own taste. 

The top looks like a Kaftan from the back and I had the skirt made as a high-waist because I planned to wear it to church today and could not risk the Brothers in the Lord staring at the tummy in the presence of the Lord ?.

There’s something about the cape that makes me feel like the whole world is looking at me and I better behave LOL! And if you can believe it, my tailor made it in one hour.

This crop set is one I’m looking forward to rocking individually, I already have great plans for that top.

Burgundy hat because of church and black heels for the win!

Side note: Can we start making Christmas wishes now? My list is definitely full. I’d like to know some of the wishes you have for Santa this year ? please share.

Have a blessed week ahead.

LoveandKisses from TANG

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