Cool Off

Do songs speak to you? They do speak to me.

I’m an as-the-mood-leads kind of girl and I can listen to any kind of music, just as long as it suits my mood.

So Wale’s ‘Cool Off’ with Jhene Aiko, got me thinking about a lot of things, asides from relationships.

How many of us actually stop once in a while to cool off? We are in a world where everyone is busy trying to make something out of their lives but what happens when you miss out on life itself during this hustle? You end up getting the money, fame etc but nobody to share it with, health problems eating up the money you have accumulated over the years. Is it really worth it?

So basically what I’m saying is, work, work hard, go after your goals but stop once a while to enjoy the little things of life. Don’t just exist, live, live your life like you are in control of it. Don’t let what you want to achieve in the long run make you regret your whole life at the end.

The problem is we are all too money-oriented, myself included, that we forget the reason we are actually working.

I tell my mum I’m not getting married till I have a certain amount of money in my bank account and she says that’s not logical. Right now, to me, it is very logical but she’s saying it because she knows better. She says I’m not God and I can’t alter his plans but I still say I can tell God what I want and in faith, He would answer me. Still, I have to remember that money, although is highly (very very) important, it shouldn’t be all I care about.

So yes it’s good to have goals and better to work towards achieving them but don’t live a life where you’d wish you had done things differently.

Have a good week guys.

LoveandKisses from TANG.

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