Christmas Wish List!


Happy new month! I’m so looking forward to the holidays. I guess it’s not too early to have a Christmas Wish list right? I mean we are only a month away from December… and this gives me ample time to plan for them too.

I’m feeling very materialistic, only if the money would magically appear in my bank account so this wish could come through SIGH! Long thing, Let’s get to it jare.

Cat Eye Sunglasses from Haute Signatures


Everyone is rocking Haute Signatures shades and I’m very tempted to join the gang. They are so sleek and affordable, they go for about N2500, although they have the ones that are higher than that too. I just might get one soon. Check out their page on Instagram @haute.signatures

Bag from Haute Signatures


Yes, from them again! Their items are really nice and most especially the bags. They are mostly about N7000 and below, well I have not seen any of the bags above that so I can only assume but just take a look at this beauties! Talk about getting good stuff for less.

Dress from Trumpets 


I modeled this dress recently and I could not get it out of my head, the way it can easily be dressed up or down and the print is really pretty, actually one thing about their dresses is how nice the prints are. It goes for about N5000 and you can check their store on Konga for others if you like ( Instagram @trumpetsclothing.

Perspex Heels


I used to be undecided about Perspex heels in the past but I keep seeing fab designs every day and what’s not to love about them? I’m a shoe freak so it’s only normal I wish for more shoes but this is one style I do not have but want so much. From my enquiries it cost at least N10,000, at least. The picture above is from @middlle on Instagram

Chokers from Skintight Collection


Skintight collection just launched and honestly they have the most affordable, simple yet so sleek chokers and neckpieces ever. They go for about N1000 I guess and you get to pick from the most amazing designs. Check out their Instagram @skintightcollection

Nude makeup from Rinu’s Touch


I have been the nude girl for a while now and I’m loving it but I really need to upgrade my makeup collection and a really nice eye shadow palette, nice lipsticks and maybe a glow kit. Rinu’s Touch has really affordable makeup products and they also do makeovers. Instagram @rinustouch

So errr… that’s all for now. If I have more I would update you guys LOL. What’s on your wish list this year? Drop them let’s have fun!

LoveandKisses from TANG

8 thoughts on “Christmas Wish List!

  1. The glasses are calling my name, the second one is too lit. Haute signatures have a lot of eye-catching things, love all your selections.

    1. Lmao me too… Just give me camera and I’ll love you forever. Haute signature items are real pretty tho and those heels too!!! I wanttt..

  2. Dis ur wishlist is eye-catching ooo.Jes b watchful of ur sure Santa will drop some by. My perfect xmas gift has to b a tick-off of my goals nd a wrap-up of my to-read books

  3. The day 1 giveaway outfit is so on my wishlist. So going to slay in that dress, purse and the chocker…. Can’t wait to attend the dinner party in that outfit, got the perfect footwear.

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