Christmas in Lagos – Another Mall Shoot

Christmas in Lagos – Another Mall Shoot

Merry Christmas lovely people! I hope you’re having a great one despite the fuel scarcity situation in Nigeria. This is the time to be chummy with fuel station managers because connection in this country is key if you don’t want to suffer.

wumi tuase christmas shoot at ikeja city mall

I tweeted recently that our coping mechanism in this country is top notch. When I went to Ikeja City Mall for this shoot, the parking lot was filled up! I mean, where did they all get fuel? LOL. May God deliver us.

This is the second time I’m shooting at ICM and there was no disturbance, although it took a while before I could get a store to use as a background. Everyone wanted to charge for space even after I proposed a collaboration with free adverts on the blog. Nigerians still don’t know how to take advantage of Influencer marketing. At Mobos there was little resistance but one of them took my card and asked me to go ahead. I really liked their motto- “Passion, Fashion, Addiction”. They stock really nice items so check them out if you’re at the mall.


My baby girl Lade (who is now a mummy by the way) sent me this “Wumi” dress that we designed together some weeks back. I lost a little weight so the fitting of the dress is a bit off but I love it regardless.
The Wumi dress is originally a tube dress but I have realized that tube dresses do not suit my body type. When I got the dress I was at a loss for what to do. I remembered that the beautiful people of Brief Essentials sent me a gift bag some weeks back and there was a red embellished bra strap included. I attached it to my bra and I got the exact look I wanted. Paired with my embellished red sandals and black clutch, I am Christmas ready!


wumi tuase christmas shoot at ikeja city mallwumi tuase christmas shoot at ikeja city mallwumi tuase christmas shoot at ikeja city mallwumi tuase christmas shoot at ikeja city mallwumi tuase christmas shoot at ikeja city mallwumi tuase christmas shoot at ikeja city mallwumi tuase christmas shoot at ikeja city mallwumichristmas (14)wumi tuase christmas shoot at ikeja city mall


On the real though, I’m currently sitting home, eating pounded yam and vegetable soup and chilling with my family this Christmas Day.

How’s your day going? Sending lots of love to you and yours, Have a blessed celebration.

Outfit Details Dress- Lade// Shoes &Purse- Thrift Store NG// Embellished Straps- Brief Essentials

Photographer: @dare_oguns 

LoveandKisses from TANG

“But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength, they shall mount up with wings as eagles, they shall run and not be weary and they shall work and not faint”- Isaiah 40vs31 

16 thoughts on “Christmas in Lagos – Another Mall Shoot

  1. Hi Hi, Wumi in the Red Dress! I’m really not big on strapless dresses or the color red but you made it work as usual 😉
    Nigerians still need a lot of schooling as regards Influencer marketing walahi! Would have loved it if you stood at the centre of the mall though and did a twirl or something but I guess the influx of people must have been an hindrance.

    Also, it would help if you dropped the links of the vendors in your outfit details section.

    Great post anyways :*


    1. I tried the middle of the mall thing but the photographer wasn’t feeling the lighting. I just updated the post with the links, had terrible network issues before finally getting someone to help me post on their end. Thank you hun, Compliments of the season ❤️

  2. I recently realized Red color is not an awesome color for me, which is a shame because my wardrobe is filled with clothing of red undertones, if not just red. You look amazing and happy.
    Thank God the current Nigeria situation did not deter you from having your shoot. The way you said it, I thought you wanted to concentrate on the store background for your shoot which you barely did. I wonder why you needed the plenty permission anyways.

    Idle head

    1. Hey Oluchi! Are you sure it’s not the way you pair them? Little things can make an outfit look wrong and it might not just be that color. Try to pair with other predominant colors and see how that works. I needed permission at the mall because naturally cameras are restricted inside and I didn’t want any issues with the security so it’s always better to make it seem like it’s the store having a shoot. Thank you for stopping by, compliments of the season. ❤️

    1. Hey hun, thank you! Those shoes are from thrift store ng & I’d be on the lookout for something similar. Compliments of the season ❤️

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