Chord Lace

Its another Thursday and I’m throwing it back to last week Saturday and what I wore for the wedding proper.You guys already saw what I wore for the engagement.

Honestly, I was a bit low when we picked out the material for the wedding and if you know lace materials well, you would know that buying original chord lace material, is a bit on the high side.

So I bought one(1) yard of the lace, (yeah I know that’s somehow but I’m slim), and bought one(1) yard of raw silk material for the top.

I didn’t want the skirt to be just plain so I told my fashion designer (tailor!!) to put in pleats by the side and drop the rest in a spiral pattern.

Now, I’ve got a pair of red sandals but the combination-madam in me, led me to pairing my leopard-print platforms with it.

All complete with red accessories and heart-shaped clutch (probably to make up for breaking the rules on the lace and my shoes LOL)

Anyways, I can definitely rock this ensemble individuall in both the traditional and modern looks and yes I most definitely would.

LoveandKisses From TANG

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