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Fashion Style

Style Story- Fola Lagoke

Fola is a graduate of mass communication and a fashionista in her own way. She is also skinny like me so I understand her ‘adjustment’ issues LOL. Please read and enjoy her story. As an average Nigerian girl,my fashion is …

Fashion Style

Ankara All Day, Anyday.

Hey guys! So it’s another Tuesday and another hustle to look corporate LOL. Personally, I consider African fabrics to be versatile but some of my colleagues don’t agree with me, as I’ve been getting some comments as to why I …

Fashion Style

Denim Makes It All Better

I didn’t mean to post anything today but I was feeling guilty (don’t know why that always happens). So I just kept checking my pictures and was wondering why Denim makes everything look good. Since its throwback Thursday, I’m throwing …

Fashion Style

Corporate-Casual X Cobalt Blue

Hey guys! After Mondays, it’s actually stressful on my part to look corporate to work. That’s probably because casual always works better for me. So I started blending my casual into corporate on Tuesdays and Wednesdays (On Thursdays, I mostly just …

Nigeria Style

Style Story 

Hey there! So I’m starting something on here where you guys get to share your style story with me and everyone out there as an average Nigerian fashionista. This is Damilola Adegbamigbe’s story; she isa fashion designer and also sells …

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