A Birthday Message To My Mum- Best Friend Goals

Writing this birthday message to mum because she has been my best-friend since I was born. I learned to tell her everything and she always knows if I’m hiding something from her. It’s her birthday today and this is me saying Happy Birthday the blogger way.

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Recently, I have been feeling the need to satisfy my wanderlust, a feeling that has refused to understand the state of my account balance. For as long as I can remember, I have always hated traveling so it is very weird for me to start getting thoughts of being a Wakajube in 2018.

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TANG Diaries EP2- Prayers & Blogging Issues

I have come to the conclusion that we Africans pray more than we work. I see this everyday on my way to work, on the bus, literally everywhere, people constantly preaching prosperity and generally praying for blessings without doing the actual work that bring these things to life. This is the second episode of TANG Diaries and I am talking…

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Diary, Random Musings

TANG Diaries- EP 1

The thing about having goals, dreams and aspirations in life is that sometimes most times, we are never ready for real life struggles, if you do not have absolute confidence and faith in your own abilities, the strong winds of life can blow all that you have planned, down the drain.