Casual in Danshiki

Hi everyone!

Okay I really don’t know why the people who make the Danshiki forget that some of us are really skinny and even though I dig oversized wears mostly, I still just want a mini cocktail dress in Danshiki too!

LOL pardon my early morning rant. Hope your week is going well?

Basically, this is a lazy day outfit for me because it is so easy to put together and it ends up looking cool.I was a bit down yesterday so I couldn’t even be bothered to plan my outfit for today, then this morning I saw my Danshiki which I ironed last week and decided to just go with it.

Generally, I have this tendency to pair high-tops with dresses, skirts or shorts rather than a pair of long pants so the black high-tops had no competition in that aspect lol!

Black woven belt because the dress is already busy and I needed a balance with my sneakers. Also because I wanted to accentuate my waist a bit.

My hair (yeah I’m a Naturalista) is growing and I’m loving it even though I’ve not been that loyal to buyiunatural hair products. I mainly use Dark and Lovely products; Leave-in conditioner, hair butter and moisturizer and other products. So I just brushed it up and had to use lots of pins to hold it down, totally worth it though.

I love the girly look as much as the next girl but I always like to add an edge to it either with shoes or jewelry or just the hair. So here’s my lazy day look with Danshiki and sneakers, you can try it too with any danshiki dress that you have and let me know if you like it.

Please drop your comments, thank you.


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