Camo Jacket X Drop-Waist Dress

Camo Jacket X Drop-Waist Dress

CAMO (6)

Have you noticed I love blogging on Fridays? It’s just that the stress of sneaking to blog during work hours isn’t really much on Fridays, everything is relaxed and the only thing my boss cares about is my report so she more or less turns a blind eye to my extra-curricular activities on Fridays (Although, sometimes I think she’s also tired & can’t be using up unnecessary strength hehehe)

If you live in Nigeria you know that Military officers don’t joke when they catch you wearing anything Camouflage in fact if they sight you ehn, just start to speak in tongues for Baba God to rescue you. Despite the fact that I live in a Military Estate, I still keep my Camo jacket in my bag once I’m out of the house & then put it on when I get to wherever I’m going. Funny thing is, every time I carry the jacket, I end up forgetting it in my bag but for this look, I decided to make it unforgettable LOL.

Drop-waist dresses have been in for a while now and the first time I wore this blush piece, I can’t count the number of times I kept pulling it down so it won’t fly up and spoil my market.  Considering the fact that I entered bus from mainland to island, you can imagine the wahala, I jejely started wearing it with pantyhose after that LOL.

I was inspired to do this post when I saw how Steph (featured her in my last post, check here) rocked hers in a super cool way here. Although she paired hers with sneakers, I decided to do a print clash with my leopard print shoes.

CAMO (4)

CAMO (2)

CAMO (7)

CAMO (8)

CAMO (9)

CAMO (10)

CAMO (1)

CAMO (5)

No I’m not as tall as the pictures make me look, in fact I don’t know how CK (my photographer) did this but I love the outcome.

I have the drop-waist dress for sale for N3,000 & it’s still available in sizes 10, 12 & 14. Holla if you are interested.

Jacket- Thrifted (Old)

Have a fab weekend guys!

LoveandKisses from TANG

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  1. just passing by. love your style but i don’t want to look too muchhhhhhhhhhhh. nice write up!!!!!

  2. I love the dress on you. Love the pairing with the jacket ,damn slay. Love it.
    Be careful how you wear it out oh , let them jot beat you

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