Black X White

Never underestimate the allure of white and black. Yeah, I know some of us prefer to leave that combination for the church choir and bartenders  (no offense) but white and black would forever be a classy combination. Naturally, I wanted to shy away from it this weekend when I was dressing up for an audition and because they particularly stated we should ‘dress to impress, I had no idea how to impress in plain old white and black.

I also didn’t want a dress because I felt it was too safe a choice, I don’t like ‘safe’ and I figured majority of the ladies there would go for dresses (I was not wrong). Finally, I picked this geometric-printed top (it’s kinda big but that’s the fun of it), turned up the sleeves once per usual and paired with this deceitful black midi skirt. Deceitful because it looks very plain from the back then I’d do a 180 turn and you see the thigh-high slit ?. Accessorized the skirt with a steel chain belt just to change the plain status too.            Red pumps to spice up the outfit and break the monotone plus red scarf round my braids. Did I dress to impress? I don’t know, you tell me ? Have a good week ahead y’all. LoveandKisses from TANG.

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