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Black X White Series- Shirt and Pants 

I must confess, my love for black and white is growing immensely. I have definitely come out of the ‘black and white is boring’ club.

This is the classic white shirt/black pants outfit that I usually run away from but worn like this, I’m definitely feeling far from basic/boring.

I chose to wear this long shirt instead of a short one because I wouldn’t be tempted to tuck it in and because it’s in a slightly bigger size, I picked a pair of skinny black jeans to go with it.

Naturally, being a lover of colours, I’d have picked a bright colour to add that pop but I’ve resolved to stay away from pairing colours with black and white just to see what effect nudes, browns etc can have on that particular combination. I like it!

I turned up my pants per usual although this time, my shoe was also a factor.

In case you missed the other posts in the Black and white series, you can still read them here and here.


Shirt- H&T

Pants- Western Jeans

Shoes- Atmosphere

It’s one day till the weekend so please surf the blog for weekend outfit inspirations.

Have a good one.

LoveandKisses from TANG

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    1. Thanks Cassie! ??

  1. Daybor says:

    Fabulous shoes…

  2. i love your blog!
    check out mine thanks, doll!

  3. All ye black and white lovers need an intervention (me exclusive) lol. Nice shoes…

    1. Lol!! You’re so included! Thanks dear.

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  5. kelly Kesky says:

    I need does shoes

  6. I’m the biggest fan of white shirts so you definitely killed this look. Simple but definitely not basic.

    1. Glad to see that I have partners! Thank you dear.

  7. […] So we all know that not owning a white shirt in a corporate environment is kind of like an office crime… just kidding… but it’s highly essential to have at least one nice white shirt either you are working or not. I’m not really a fan of the color white but I try to have the essential things because I would always find a way to make them work & apart from that, the white shirt is an exception to my general dislike of white stuffs. You can rock your white shirt in so many ways and that’s the fun of it, I previously rocked my long white shirt in the plain old white & black combo here. […]

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