Birthday Behavior- Grateful Heart

Birthday Behavior- Grateful Heart


I woke up this morning feeling grateful, immensely grateful to God for his protection over my life. I know this is not meant to be strange feeling but overnight (I could not sleep because of the terrible heat), I reflected on the situations I’ve been in, during the past few years and I just knew that if it wasn’t for God, it would have been another story.


Not to bore you, I just wanted to share something with you all. The moment I decided to be greedy and hold God to His word.

What I really want in Life:

I want it all

I want Love

I want Wealth

I want Power

I want Loyal Friends

I want a Successful Career

I want a Blessed & Happy Family

I want The Best Life

I want The Life

I want That Life

I want to Make Heaven

These may seem much but sometime last year I wrote this down in my notes and after overcoming the feeling that I’m asking for too much and nobody can have it all, I remembered that God said we should ask and it shall be given. There was no limitation to what we could ask for, just ask and as long as you are righteous, He would fulfill His promise, so why won’t I ask. If my dad told me to ask for anything, I would probably give him a notebook filled with requests, how much more my Father in Heaven who is the one that can turn the impossible to over-possible?

As I clock another year today, this is my challenge to God to fulfill His promise to me as I am also going to fulfill my promise to be righteous and even if I fall a thousand times, His mercy would be the reason I stand up and continue in faith that He shall deliver.

Thank you all for the birthday wishes and for sticking with me on the blog till now. I am definitely feeling myself today in this two-piece set by Be_u_by_lade as usual and she has decided to name this the TANG two-piece (hehehehe) so you can place your orders, it’s very affordable I promise you.







Winners of the giveaway: Obara and Emmynado. Thanks for participating guys, expect a mail shortly.

Two-piece: Be_u_by_lade

Photocredit: CknightPhoto

39 thoughts on “Birthday Behavior- Grateful Heart

  1. Happy Birthday bae.. May God grant every of your heart desires. All these fine fine pictures ehn. Have a nice day.

  2. Happy birthday to my secret crush. Wishing you the best of every good tging life has got to offer. I get to chat with you on BBM once in a while and drop hints but you probably think I’m just mocking about. I’ll pay you a surprise visit someday soon when I’m back in town. Have a fun-filled day dear.

  3. Happy Birthday in arrears Dear, wishing you all the best in life with the love of God, may all your heart desires be fulfilled in the Lord

  4. All these two pieces you’re rocking, share with us oo!! You look adorable hun…happy belated!

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