Because He Reigns…

Because He Reigns…


If your weekend was as short as mine then I guess you must be feeling as grumpy as I am this morning, sigh, Mondays really should be removed from weekdays LOL. I was mostly in church this weekend and I had a lot to reflect on last night, I thought to share some of them with you.

You know how we are so proud to announce who our fathers are especially when in difficult times and we need their connections to get out? I was wondering why we sometimes forget to apply that same pride during trying times in our lives and announce to those difficulties that because Our Father In Heaven reigns then we can surpass whatever comes our way. It is funny really because He is the most supernatural being we know and we do not even utilize the power He has given us well.

I almost stopped this post because I received an upsetting news but that is the essence of writing in the first instance, if right now I cannot believe that as long as my God reigns, I can rise above anything that comes my way then I am being hypocritical. I never said I was perfect in fact if you read this post where I talked about my spiritual journey, you would know I am just taking baby steps when it comes to spirituality but I have this confidence and I know it would not fail me even at this time (even though I needed a little reminder LOL).

We know He is the most reliable and dependable God but we undermine His power every time we fail to use Him as our shield and our fortress. Because He reigns we need to believe that He will come through for us no matter what and this is where our faith in Him is tested because if you have even a doubt in your mind about “if” God can do it then you are not ready for Him.

I just wanted to share this because I am a worrier, I worry too much and I suffer it at the end of the day but if God has told me to lay all my burdens on Him and let Him take control, what kind of disobedient child would I be not to listen? So this is what I am going to do, serve Him in truthfulness with everything I have and trust Him to fulfill His own end of the bargain by pulling through for me.

I pray that whatever burden you have right now would be lightened by His Grace.

Have a wonderful week ahead

P.S Check out this week’s post on Style Vitae and let me know what you think.

LoveandKisses from TANG.

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