Back To The Weekend 

Short Grid Cullotes||Denim Shirt||Vintage. Black Brogues||Atmosphere(Vintage).

Can I have the weekend back please? I was not ready ?. Lol.

Hi guys! Hope your weekend was cool. I kept to my plans of taking pictures and eating ice-cream and also did some laundry (I don’t like that chore).

If you’ve got a movie date and you don’t want to look overdressed or like you tried to hard but still want to look stylish then maybe you would get some ideas from this look especially if you can go a bit edgy.

Personally, I never get why anyone would wear heels to the mall/cinemas but hey whatever floats your boat. I’m more of a casual type when it comes to the mall or hangouts generally.

The Cullotes (if it classifies as one) is one of those clothes you just buy and dump because you never just nail a look with it, so yeah it has been living behind the scenes of my wardrobe for about 2 years ?.

I had to put on a hat, basically because hats step up your outfit and I always feel shorts and hats go together.

A black hand bag just in case someone forgets I’m a female LOL. Maybe I do like the boyfriend look a lot but it’s just so much comfortable and easy to play around with (I’m very playful).

Have a fab week ahead!

LoveandKisses From TANG

The ice-cream ??????


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