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Love, Life and everything in between 

Why do things have to be so complicated? Especially feelings. I have never understood the rules of dating or relationships, I just more or less go with the flow, but even the flow stops flowing sometimes. I see relationships everyday that I envy, I see some that I just feel like slapping some sense into the couple, I see some…

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Fashion, Style, WCW

Woman Crush Wednesday 

I have more Women crush than men and it’s because women are more daring when it comes to fashion or so I think, I am sure there would be arguments to this point. Men have been more aggressive with their styles these recent times too, but back to the matter, our WCW this week is a fashion blogger and model.


Life and it’s many turns

Sometimes, I think of all the plans we make for our lives and how we are so sure that they would work. Not to be a pessimist but do we really have back up plans? What if those plans go awry, isn’t that when depression sets in? Failure is not something we like to think about. I think about my…

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Fashion, Style

Kimono X Brogues X Denim

For a Saturday hangout in this unpredictable weather, I tried this Kimono (I found it buried in my mom’s things) with a black vest and denim trousers, turned up as usual.


Chord Lace

Its another Thursday and I’m throwing it back to last week Saturday and what I wore for the wedding proper.You guys already saw what I wore for the engagement.

Fashion, Style

Woman Crush Wednesday 

Good morning, How’s your week going? Not to be unfair to the guys, here’s a WCW post for y’all. Our Woman Crush this week is the gorgeous and absolutely stylish British/Nigerian Actor and entrepreneur; Beverly Naya.